Gamecocks finish off all of the ACC outside of the Tar Heels

Mar 21, 2017 3:00 AM

The NCAA basketball tournament or March Madness experience is second to none in the sports world! It’s so captivating the only time I switch channels (I’m usually an obsessive channel switcher, like most guys) is if there is another game I want to check out.

Now, watching TV is what I do with the majority of my time because I am paid to observe and give sports insights, or in my case outsights! So for me its sports, sports and more sports, from the Golf Channel to NBA TV, ESPN, TCM movies, FOX news, WGN, HBO – well, you get the picture.

With DIRECTV and a satellite dish, there are over 200 stations to watch. But from the Tuesday tipoff of the tournament through Sunday, it was all hoops all day for me – that’s the power of the tournament.

Right now the big surprise is South Carolina, and I honestly couldn’t have named a guy from that team before the game. But they easily beat the Duke Blue Devils, 88-81.

And while we are talking about Duke, the rest of the ACC didn’t show up. They had nine teams in the tournament but North Carolina is the only one left.

The tournament should have a ceiling of six teams from each conference, but that will never happen because it’s all about the money.

The Pac 12, Big Ten and surprising SEC all have multiple teams still playing in the second week. But in my opinion, the first week of the tournament is absolutely the best show in sports. And for those putting down a wager or two on the tourney, my wagering record is 5-2, but my brackets are totally destroyed! What else is new?