The NCAA goofs are going to make collegiate sports a mess

Sep 26, 2017 3:00 AM

How can it get any goofier? Now the 15-watt bulbs in the NCAA front office are proposing a suicide pill to stave off an inevitable uprising.

College athletes are heading for unionization or some form of collective protection. They want their piece of the money pie they provide with what they perceive as not enough compensation. They do get an education if they take advantage. The NCAA rules are being loosened up but maybe a bit too late to stave off the inevitable.

With a food stipend they no longer have to eat hamburger while the coaching staff eats steak and lobster. They can fly home on the college’s dime now and “enjoy” other loosening of archaic rules. The NCAA is the first to blink. They are going all out to create the ultimate stopgap rule to delay the inevitable, which is a team saying we’re not going to play in the Rose Bowl Game or the Cotton Bowl Game unless we’re cut in on the gravy.

What’s this brainstorm the NCAA is contemplating? In broad terms any kid can transfer anywhere they want, if they are welcome of course, and play immediately with no need to sit out a year.

All that’s required is the school they’re transferring into has the same or equal course they are leaving. An athlete taking basket weaving at Potluck U., after an exceptional season, can transfer to Morton’s Steak House and play immediately. Some schools will remain academically honest of course but the bandit schools will take advantage and bring down others with them so they can remain competitive.

Basketball with 13-man rosters will be especially vulnerable. A kid transfers out to start immediately at a school who will then cut a kid to make room. That kid will now transfer to another school who will have to make room and on and on. What about a successful team that now has three kids looking to take advantage of their good season and transfer individually or together? Together is not out of the question. See where this is going if the NCAA goes through with this or some form of it?

It’s tough enough handicapping without piling this on.

Take care.