Kentucky Gov. thinks NCAA Football should pay players

Kentucky Gov. thinks NCAA Football should pay players

October 05, 2017 8:12 AM


Kentucky Republican Gov. Matt Bevin told Paducah radio station WKYX in an interview this week that the NCAA and its profitable college sports leagues should do away with the concept of amateurism and pay the players.

His comments follow last week’s revelations that the University of Louisville and several other high-profile basketball programs nationally are allegedly helping to facilitate the funneling of shoe-company money to prospective players

“I think we should pay college athletes,” said Bevin. “I really do. This idea that they’re not professionals is nonsense.”

He continued, “They’re not there like normal students and we shouldn’t pretend that they are. Some of them, yes, go to class, but most of them are students differently because they’re there for athletics and not academics.”

Following the FBI announcement and the quick ouster of head coach Rick Pitino, most Las Vegas sports books quickly moved the odds on Louisville to the vicinity of 20-1.