Don’t just rely on ESPN for critical info

Nov 28, 2017 3:00 AM

Everyone gets so excited for bowl season, however, they rarely take into account it is the most difficult time of the year to win.

When the marquee teams match up in collegiate sports it’s almost like trying to handicap an NBA side or NFL side (totals are a different story and much more beatable). I would much rather bet a game that takes place between Akron and Tennessee Chattanooga than a marquee game involving a top 10 or even top 20 team.

There is so much information on television, newspapers and in-depth articles on the web written about teams like Alabama, Clemson and Notre Dame.

Whereas, the smaller markets you have to dig deeper to find any current key information. This provides an edge to those of us willing to spend the time researching the small quotes on strategy, motivation, game plan, etc, on these smaller market teams and games. Thus, while there is less of an edge in the larger bowls, there are some in the smaller market bowls that do not get all the attention.

I understand human nature though, and when the better teams play each other there becomes a strong desire to have action on them because you are a fan of entertaining football. But then it comes down to one thing… do you want to have action or do you like to have money? Because most will lose when the bowl season is over. Therefore, I suggest playing them at a minimum and focus more on the smaller bowls.

Don’t just watch ESPN and expect to find out all you need to know there. The commentators there are paid to keep you entertained rather than to inform you. Most are retired professional athletes who couldn’t pick a winner with tomorrow’s newspaper in front of them. I especially do not like when the so-called experts are giving out selections with the spreads on TV.

The viewer at home thinks they are experts in this field and it’s just the furthest from the truth. Even shifting focus from ESPN and reading most of the top sports sites on the internet is not enough. The online school newspapers or local sports news websites have good nuggets of information.

I also use some of the various gambling forums on the internet to my advantage. There are some good handicappers to follow that love to post their plays for free online. It’s a little tedious but follow and track different ones. Trust me, people love to gloat how good they are at certain things and winning handicappers are no different.

And never forget it’s just as good to find a losing handicapper as it is to find a winning one. Just bet against him. Amazingly, I still have a few people who love to give me their selections even though they are losing handicappers. They refuse to call themselves losers and feel their luck will change.

I had this happen the other day where, let’s call him the “Doctor,” gave me his college basketball game of the week: Florida +2.5 vs. Duke. He said it was his “lock.”

I explained to him that in these type of games, anything can happen and he actually was upset I didn’t like or wasn’t going to bet his team. Naturally Duke won and covered. Eddie Mush has nothing on the Doctor.

Top pick: Take Georgia +3 vs. Auburn in SEC title game.

Last week: 1-0

Season: 14-10-1