Nobody said successful sports gambling was easy

Dec 19, 2017 3:12 AM

Sports betting is a gamble. Most people understand the risk when wagering on a team or a total.

We all have seen last minute drama in the closing seconds of a game that tipped the wager to go Over instead of what looked to be an easy Under, or vice versa, on a game total. And we have seen a late whistle when a referee calls a controversial penalty that affects the outcome of the spread.

Depending on which team you had, you are either highly grateful the referee called the late penalty or highly frustrated if the penalty hurts your wager. It is normal human emotion when you have action on the game to be more biased on the ruling if it was a great call or if you thought it was a terrible one.

It’s fascinating when two friends at a bar are watching the game together and they each have opposing bets how they can argue the call to their biased version of what just happened. This is similar to two lawyers (prosecutor and defendant) presenting their version of what happened to the jury. But, at the end of the day we accept this risk when making a wager since sometimes the dramatic finale also assisted us in winning the bet.

The truth is, this is the reason many people bet on sports. We need to feel the great rush (even though you may disagree) or the disappointment to provide entertainment or excitement to what would have been otherwise a boring day. And even if we lost the bet, we get to live another day to see what adventure tomorrow may bring. This experience of range of emotions is what makes us feel alive. As long as you bet within your budget, there is nothing wrong with this hobby.

There is also a hidden risk you did not think about until the event occurred. First, we all at some point make the simple mistake of not verifying our ticket as we leave the counter. Then after the game is over, we realize the wrong bet was accidentally placed. This just happened to a friend of mine who is a seasoned gambler. And if it can happen to him it can happen to anyone.

There is a lot going through our minds before placing a wager. Looking at the big board trying to figure out what we want to bet on. Then you have to memorize the team rotation number. Then you have to join everyone and jockey for position in line at the last minute to bet. The tellers also have pressure on them to get as many customers through the lines as they can. So they can easily make a mistake. That’s why it’s important to always remind yourself to verify the ticket.

Second and more important is to be aware of your surroundings to avoid being the victim of a robbery when cashing out at a sportsbook. It’s best to always park in valet if carrying larger amounts of cash. It may be an inconvenience parking at valet, because it sometimes is nowhere near the sportsbook, but I assure you there have been victims of robbery many times.

Many of which you don’t even hear about because they did not report the incident for whatever reason. I recently had my iPhone stolen in a casino. I wonder how many phones have been snatched from bettors that are preoccupied looking at the board and don’t realize the phone is missing.

Third, robberies can occur a number of different ways that you do not consider until it occurrs. One way can be when playing with an offshore sportsbook. An example is an offshore entity suddenly shutting down and never returning the funds in your account. Only later do you realize the offshore entity was shady and had bad reviews.

This is why you should post up your money in a legal sports app in Nevada. We spend so much time calculating what bets we want to make for the week and how much to allocate that we miss these hidden risks when betting sports.

Here is a couple bowl selections that we previously chose. (Picks in bold caps)

Temple vs. FIU OVER 57

HOUSTON -2.5 vs. Fresno St.

Last week: 1-1

Season: 16-11-1