Don't go against the Alabama Tide

Jan 4, 2018 12:15 PM

I love when underdogs win.  Only, this final game that pits Alabama against Georgia and I am not underestimating the favorite.  Alabama is currently -4 and the total is hovering around 45. 

That alone is enough for me to make a prediction.

Since I’ve been paying attention to the line these past five years, I’ve come to be pretty good at predicting it well before the close. This time I was way off. I thought for sure Alabama would be favored by more than 4. Why? Did you watch the games?

Georgia barely won, and while the game against the Sooners was exciting to see, it was one that could have clearly gone either way. Should momentum carry the Bulldogs all the way to the title finish it would make for a great story, and one I would love to see. Only I’m not going to bet on it. 

Alabama has a history and Nick Saban. It’s almost as though they are the New England Patriots of college football. It’s not that Georgia cannot win. There’s always a chance and if the football gods are shining on them and they manage to come up with some special plays that can reverse the tide, then they have a shot.

Only, do not bet on it! This game will go to Alabama, and they will likely win and cover, because they are Alabama. Enough said!