Talking bad beats I've got a few

Talking bad beats I've got a few

January 16, 2018 3:00 AM


A user of my web site relayed this brutal bad beat to me. He layed -210 on UCSB over Cal Poly-SLO on the money line.

UCSB scores to go up by 2 with one second on the clock. Cal Poly heaves an inbound pass to half court. The clock doesn’t start till another half court heave at the basket fails. Whistle, foul with .03 on the homecourt clock. The Cal Poly heaver gets three foul shots and drains all three. Cal Poly wins 80-79.

That’s brutal enough but not as gut wrenching as a couple of others. One I was personally involved in while working in Churchill in the mid-70s is especially memorable (to me).

Writers in Churchill had individual phones at their stations. We usually had a player or two we took care of with injuries, line moves, etc., and he put us on his payroll in return. One of my “first in line” customers gives me a tip. These guys kept things to themselves, staying below the radar, so a hint from one of them was bankable. He tells me in the Virginia Tech game one or more officials were “friendly” toward VT and I could bet as much as I wanted on the Hokies to win.

I’m married with two kids, and was scuffling in those days. I bet $200 on the home favorite VT and laid the -1.5. It was a big lay down for me at the time. Next day is Saturday and it’s game time. I didn’t tell a soul but just waited to collect.

The information was right on. Solid. The visiting coach (I’ll not name him) gets penalized 15 yards for complaining on a bogus interference call, combining the two flags for a 30-yard penalty.

The “friendlies” move the ball 30 yards closer to the goal posts for a field goal with time running out so we’ll cover the -1.5 with a 23-21 win. The kid misses it. No problem, the “friendlies” come through again with another flag and move the ball 5 yards closer for another try.

He misses again, time runs out, game over. We lose.

The NCAA raised holy hell, it was so blatantly obvious but they don’t pay and collect. We had good, solid information and still lost. There must be a moral in there somewhere but like most “wiseguys” we looked for another sure thing just to get even. Who knows what my guys went for? That’s why bookies vacation in Florida every year while their players look for a fresh bankroll.

That’s not as aggravating as those who lost on an LSU basketball scam. Some 45 minutes after the final buzzer they call an LSU player out of the locker room, in his street clothes, to shoot foul shots in a dark arena. That’s just as bad or worse as the UConn game where a happy kid celebrates and throws the basketball in the air at the final buzzer; a kid on the other team catches it and a ref calls goaltending. Had to get it off the number. Square business. Take care.