March Madness isn't exactly my thing but plenty of friends have plays

March Madness isn't exactly my thing but plenty of friends have plays

March 13, 2018 3:00 AM


I have been in the sportsbook business for 14 years on Thursday, started when I was 23, and over the years of watching the bets fly in, the bad beats happen and the incredible wins I have had myself, I learned to focus on only certain sports.

Let’s just say when it comes to college basketball I tell people I know as much about that as NASCAR and WNBA, which is absolutely nothing. Now I can use the resources at my disposal to understand how to book each March Madness game, but as far as knowing the players, coaches, conferences, etc.? Yeah, I don’t have a clue.

So why bring back The Takeover this week for some college basketball chatter? Because March Madness is an absolute monster in Vegas, so much so I think the crowd loves it more than the Super Bowl. The main catalyst, the amount of games, and it’s all day. Thursday/Friday has 16 games each and the weekend brings 8 games a day.

What I offer the readers: I know people who know things. One resource, the guys I do the podcast Cash Considerations (which you can listen to on with. Big Dave, Mo, Dr. Greg and The Junkyard are some of the sharpest guys in town that you might know, and if you don’t – check out the show. It’s been the running joke of the past month how much I love college hoops. We don’t take things too seriously and just want to offer insight, like a couple guys that actually work in the industry hanging out chatting.

So knowing it’s not my bag, I asked the guys for some help.

Junkyard in first, plays: Thursday, Davidson +6. Friday, Butler -1. Next Mo with: “Villanova may have the easiest route to the Final Four in the East Region. Watch out for No. 4 seed Arizona to win the South… although one of my favorite sleepers was Buffalo but they play Arizona,” smh (shake my head). Plays: Thursday, Michigan -11. Friday, Arkansas +1.5.

Lastly Big Dave in a photo at the racetrack wire, “Cross off the Big 10 from winning it all.” He was not a fan of the moved up tourney. “Look for two of the four to not make the Sweet 16.” He mentioned it’s been 11 days for Michigan, Purdue since playing and 13 for MSU and OSU. Dr. Greg missed the deadline, but we had a feeling that was coming. Classic Dr. Greg.