NCAA's offer great first half opportunity

NCAA's offer great first half opportunity

March 13, 2018 3:00 AM


It’s time to dance, so come dance with me. This is a rare opportunity that I can give out some college basketball games here in GamingToday. Before I do, let me say I will be betting the first half on a lot of these dogs as the lines come out.

There are many reasons why I like betting these first half dogs. Like I said last week, the first half is a pure number because there is no garbage fouling done like there is at the end of the game. I cannot tell you how many times I have lost a game that I was winning on a dog due to fouls as well as the depth of the teams.

For example, Michigan State is playing Bucknell. I know by playing the first half I will get a fresh motivated Bucknell team that is happy to be in the big dance. All the starters are in against Michigan State starters in the first half. However, it is possible they tire out in the second half. Then when they do, their back-ups/second team will be playing Michigan State backups/second team. Well, the Michigan State second-team is probably better than Bucknell starters. So that is what I mean by the depth of the teams.

How many people will be betting Buffalo (against Arizona) in the first half? I would think not many except for me. Do you know anyone coming to town to bet Buffalo? I didn’t think so.

You will find some juicy numbers on these dogs at the local joints. Continue to monitor one of the free line services available to you. Arizona State -1.5, how did Syracuse even get in? There are so many teams that deserve to be here more than they do. However, Syracuse will sell more tickets and be more fan-friendly, I guess. I just shake my head sometimes at these committee selections.

Kansas State +1.5, I honestly cannot believe they are even a dog. Florida State +1, you can grab this number widely around town. However the offshores are all pick-em. I mention this because watching the offshore closing line compared to the local line, you will definitely find some value here in town.

Speaking of which, I have to give Las Vegas credit where it deserves. The South Point and Golden Nugget opened up their lines before anyone in the world. But a spy tells me the South Point had one of the sharpest ex-bookmakers in this town out there guiding them. Dammit! Anyway, other casinos around town went up an hour later. We literally had six different casinos in town with all of the lines up before the sharp guys offshore.

Just remember, bet with your head not over it, and do not get caught in all the hype and the craziness of March madness. Drinking and partying will lead to bad decision making and not just with the betting of sports. You are here to have fun, yes; however, your primary goal should be to make money.