In the midst of madness, go with your gut!

Mar 22, 2018 10:46 AM

For some reason this year, I hesitated more than usual when it came to filling out my bracket for the NCAA men’s basketball tournament. Usually, I’m ready with my picks, excited to see the matchups and looking to spot my Cinderella team, but this year I just stared at the empty page and decided not to bother. For some reason, I just knew it was going to be crazy and the teams I thought would come out on top, might not get past the gate.

This, of course, is not my first rodeo when it comes to bracketology.  I have been there when a No. 1 seed failed to get into the Sweet Sixteen, necessitating crumpling my bracket and starting all over, which does not count for much when it comes to betting.

But in Vegas brackets are more inclined to take the odds into consideration, which can either be more fun or more frustrating depending on where your money goes.

As we have all seen, it’s been crazy this year. Teams have fallen out early, and teams that looked to be out midway through a game have managed to defeat the odds and come out on top.

One team in particular that I think has a good chance to advance this week is Nevada. They face Loyola-Chicago, which has managed to win, surprisingly with very close games and last second shots. That’s probably why the pointspread is Nevada -1.5. If you can find -1, it’s better to stay clear of the hook, but something tells me this Nevada team will win.

That something is an unknown variable but in truth it’s “my gut” and even though I’ve done the homework on Nevada’s resilience and impressive coaching behind head coach Eric Musselman, more than anything during this March Madness, your gut feeling might be a good indicator.

Do your homework, check the stats, and then remember there’s a reason this time of year is referred to as “madness” because anything can happen, and Cinderella might stay up way past midnight this year, ultimately wear orange to the ball, or perhaps be a member of the Wolf Pack.