The NCAA announced plans to study the expansion of legalized betting

Jul 21, 2018 12:47 PM

The NCAA has announced plans to study how the expansion of legalized betting could affect college athletics and member schools.

Word came Thursday that college sports’ governing body will create a working group of “subject matter experts” to assess areas such as officiating, NCAA rules, federal and state laws, and the use of integrity services. NCAA leadership has previously endorsed federal regulation on sports betting that might create more uniformity among those states that have already legalized or will soon legalize the new enterprise. 

NCAA rules prohibit sports wagering by athletes and athletic department employees.

Regarding the overturning of the law than banned Nevada-style sports betting elsewhere, Donald Remy, NCAA chief legal officer, said,  “While we certainly respect the Supreme Court’s decision, our position on sports wagering remains. With this new landscape, we must evolve and expand our long-standing efforts to protect both the integrity of competitions and the well-being of student-athletes.”

The NCAA Board of Governors has already removed the association’s ban on holding championships in states with legalized sports betting, a policy that only affected Nevada.