Wanna be a pro gambler? Sports betting one of the top choices

Aug 21, 2018 3:11 AM

If you’re looking to be a professional gambler, then sports betting is one of your best options. It simply requires a few minutes in the morning to get your bets in if you are following a successful method or service.

You are then free to do your routine the rest of the day. The beauty in this field is that the decision-making process is very limited and you can easily avoid temptations from over-gambling.

Sports betting also eliminates the human factor of having to make too many decisions. All of the daytraders working the markets, or in-game bettors understand this well. When you are prone to having to make many decisions, it is highly likely you will fail. Daytraders end up second guessing if they should continue staying in the trade or get out now. Then to their despair, as soon as they exit out of the trade, they see it running the direction they were hoping for.

Imagine after every quarter you are given a choice of having to exit that bet at a loss, take a small win, or decide to let the bet play out the full game? You will be second guessing yourself constantly. “Why did I get out after the first quarter when I should have just left the bet alone” and so-forth.

This is not to say I do not think in-game betting can be beat. In fact, I know a few that do beat it. It just requires way too many things for me to wrap my brain around it. I do not like that the sportsbooks have up to a seven second delay on me by having a feed right into the game, whereas I only have the feed I am watching on TV. Then they also have the option of putting my account on a delay, or spin cycle, while they decide if they should book my wager.

I am sorry, but I am very cynical and just do not trust that every single individual who runs a risk desk will be honorable if they can gain an advantage by placing me on that delay.

In addition, if you think the grass is greener playing progressives in video poker, go ahead and give it a try for a month. First of all, good luck in trying to get an open seat when the progressive is high enough to make it worth playing. Then, even when you do get a seat, you have to be ready to play many hours at a time; and after all of that, it is highly draining when the person next to you hits the progressive royal flush.

Then you are in danger of falling in to the “closet gambler syndrome” since nobody really knows you are gambling. You could easily be down $1,000, which is supposed to be your loss limit. Then, you start gambling your rent money, which leads to misery and more problems.

Success can be achieved in video poker progressives, but you will find becoming a pro video poker player or a professional daytrader is not as simple as it seems. The drawdowns in your bankroll can be vicious, and it is very easy to develop a compulsion to chase losses with blood money you need to pay the bills. That is why I always recommend you keep your gambling bankroll separate from your monthly bill bankroll.

Sometimes it is good to just test the waters or see how others are doing in different gambling fields to gain an appreciation for sports betting. I will admit even I have overbet playing video poker in the past. It is highly tempting to keep adding money to the machine, believing you are due to hit a royal. Fortunately, I have learned from these sessions and do not overplay anymore.

I get walk-in deals or promotional free-play from casinos that require me to run a certain amount of money through a machine in order to validate them giving me the promos. I know exactly when I am supposed to stop playing (win or lose). I just come back in and play again the next week when they have the same promo deal.

For most people, the hardest thing to do in a casino is quit when you are losing if you have more money in your pocket. However, there is no human interaction. It is just you and the machine, which can lead to becoming that closet gambler. Famous last words before leaving a casino, “Let me just get even and I will quit.”

Unfortunately, casinos live on those last words. Do not let them be yours. In fact, remove them from your vocabulary altogether and reap the rewards of being an advantage gambler. Learn from the past, learn from the stories you hear or know about other degenerate gamblers. Learn from my articles.

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