Things could be 'bettor' on Atlantic City Boardwalk

Things could be 'bettor' on Atlantic City Boardwalk

September 05, 2018 3:00 AM


I spent 10 days in AC and visited a few of the sportsbooks. I know sports betting is new here but what a mess it is. Supposedly, the veterans of Las Vegas flew here to train the new sportsbook employees. My first interaction left me shaking my head for an hour.

K: Hi! I need the total on game 189.

Clerk: I need the team name.

K: You don’t go by rotation numbers?

Clerk: Yes, but I need the team name also.

K: Ok, what is the total on 189 Penn State?

Clerk: 110,

K: It can’t be 110,

Clerk: 110, sir, that’s what it is.

Instead of being a wise guy and saying give me under for max bet I asked for a manager and I literally think that clerk knew more than the manager. I tried to explain what the clerk was quoting to the customers has to be the juice 110/100. She wanted no part of it and wanted just to be argumentative telling me they have been booking baseball all season with the money-line. And what they are told to tell the customer is the money-line.

I then tried to tell her this is football season and the more popular line is with the spread. And even if I wanted the money-line on Penn State they were a 20-point favorite and 110 could not be correct. She just kept telling me this is how they were taught. Needless to say there were arguments at every single window throughout the day.

I also have the highest rated card in this casino and wanted a few drink tickets for my friends that were in the book with me and they told me I only can have two drink tickets per day. The supposed house rule is one drink ticket per $50 wagered. My smallest ticket of the day was $1,000 and cumulatively I wagered over $30K. Two drink tickets max per day, wow!

I guess that is better than a few of the other casinos where you cannot get a drink ticket no matter how much you wager because European companies are leasing the casino space to book the sports and they do not comp drinks.

The only bright spots on the boardwalk are the new Hard Rock and Ocean resorts. They both are very nice inside with lots of nice options. Buckle up Atlantic City, you’re in for a long ride! And now for some picks:

Georgia/SC OVER 53

Duke +3


Season record: 1-0-1