Westgate offering FCS college football games

Westgate offering FCS college football games

September 05, 2018 3:00 AM


The more college football the better, as far as the Westgate SuperBook is concerned.

Many sports bettors were caught off guard last week when the card was expanded to include FCS (Football Championship Subdivision) matchups at Westgate and on the Don Best website’s odds page.

Most books post odds on games involving FBS (Football Bowl Subdivision) when they play the FCS teams (North Dakota State, Sam Houston State, James Madison, etc.)

But this is the first time FCS vs. FCS games have been on the board like this in Nevada during the regular season.

The FCS playoff games in December have created more interest in the lower-level division in recent years.

“Some of these teams actually have a very loyal following and a lot of these games are televised,” said Jay Kornegay, a vice-president at Westgate in charge of the sportsbook.

“There is some interest there that we wanted to take advantage of.”

Kornegay described the situation as “more handle and, hopefully, more wins” for the book. The games unquestionably will become popular for professional gamblers, but Kornegay expects regular fans to be interested, too.

“Absolutely,” he said. “We’ve been wanting to do it for a long time. Mainly, it’s a product of Don Best posting it on their football slate because that will enable us to monitor where the market is (including offshore books). We’ve kind of been requesting it for years.”

Kornegay said there will be a $1,000 limit and the lines generally will be posted “very early” Saturday mornings.

Westgate appeared to be the only sportsbook in Nevada taking these bets last week. “I don’t know if others will hop on board,” Kornegay said.

Chris Andrews, the sportsbook director at South Point, quickly indicated he’s not planning on it, saying in a tweet, “I highly doubt it.