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Pick a perfect bracket, win a million bucks

Think you can produce a perfect bracket for this year’s NCAA Tournament?

If you can, you’ll be a million bucks richer.

Once again, Gaming Today’s Million Dollar March Mania Challenge will provide opportunities for basketball fans to win cash and prizes.

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Over 80 casinos, pubs and taverns in eight states are participating in the contest, an online-to-on-floor interactive promotion which runs the length of the NCAA Tournament.

“We are extremely proud that our sports programs have produced such tremendous results over the past few years,” said Engaged Nation CEO Jerry Epstein. “Our track record of driving more property visits and incremental revenue has set the standard in the casino industry.

“This record number participating properties is an indication that casinos are seeing the power of effective digital engagement and the measurable results of our proprietary system.”

The five-week promotion is built on the REACH™ Platform that is scientifically designed to daily engage casino customers online and drive incremental property trips and revenue throughout the campaign. 

The multifaceted promotion features a combination of interactive activities, games and incentives, including an insured grand prize of $1,000,000 if a player can correctly predict the outcome of each tournament game.

Each casino has a unique site that uses their brand standards, with the weekly and overall prize and reward pool also customized for their client base. 

The Million Dollar March Mania promotion also includes customized weekly emails built on the industry leading Salesforce Marketing Platform, and the staff at Engaged Nation designed social media posts, digital ads and floor display items for their clients to boost participation.

This also marked the biggest single-day launch of REACH™ platforms in the company’s 11-year history.

States participating in the promotion include Nevada, California, New York, Connecticut, Maryland, Oklahoma, Arizona and New Mexico. To sign up for the March Mania contest, go to