Dallas Cowboys purging just a first step

Mar 10, 2009 4:05 PM

Now that the Dallas Cowboys have cleaned up their image, it remains to be seen if they can qualify for the playoffs. With the releasing of Pac Man Jones and Terrell Owens they figure to have a Troy Aikman-like locker-room.

No more finger pointing or off field troubles as once again they attempt to become "America’s Team." The flipside of course is they lose a real talented defensive back who also ran back kick offs and punts.

Now they’ve got some holes to fill and don’t figure to be able to with their position in the draft. The bottom line is don’t bet on them in the futures as they will be very fortunate just to make the playoffs. On top of all the above, they belong to the best division in the NFL which includes Philadelphia, New York and the Washington Redskins.

If you’ve been following the ultra interesting World Baseball Classic, a great lesson has already been learned. A team representing the Netherlands upset an all-star lineup of the Dominican Republic, which boasts such players as "Big Papi," Miguel Tejada, Jose Rios, Jose Guillen, Fernando Tatis as well as guaranteed hall-of-famers Ivan Rodriguez and Pedro Martinez. They had to be a 10 to 1 underdog and the feat was even bigger than the U.S. Hockey Team beating Russia at Lake Placid in the Winter Olympics.

The lesson for us is that any team can win a baseball game in the Majors. You’ll find that the division leaders usually have a winning percentage between 550 and 600 which to the underdog betters means they lose at least four out of every 10 games. Remember the mantra of the dog players: "If you have to lay it, don’t play it." I personally, have never met a dog I didn’t want to pet.

Congratulations go out to John Gaughan, the producer of a new movie called "Yonkers Joe." We saw it last week and enjoyed it fully. The acting was superb and the story line was interesting as one we all can relate to. Good luck with it John, I know it will be a successful endeavor. Just another Gaughan … Jackie’s genes are superlative.

If you’re going to play the totals on the major conference tournaments here’s a little helpful edge for you to lean on.

Big East, Mid American, PAC 10 (except UCLA), Big 10 and Atlantic 10 all lean toward the under.

The Big 12 and ACC both lean toward the over.

Have a great week and buy American.