Fat Tuesday just got a little fatter

Feb 9, 2010 5:05 PM

Vaccaro’s View by Jimmy Vaccaro |

Fat Tuesday just got fatter as the Saints played to "win" the game as opposed to just playing the game.

Two things happened on the second half kickoff: Sean Payton took a calculated risk that paid off, and Hank Baskett will be looking for a new reality show because he will be out of work soon.

High risk means high reward if successful, and it played a major part in the heads of the Colts, from where I was sitting.

I got mixed results from the people I spoke to after the game about the handle, results and crowds as we put the biggest Sunday of the year under the covers for a while.

We had a fair day after the results were posted and were quite satisfied with the handle. We closed the game Colts -4 and dipped as low as -180 on the money line.

Actually, the money line and alternate point-spread props proved to be the biggest losers for us. Taking prices on the Saints while laying points proved to be very popular with our "consumers" and a lot of umbrellas came out when the pick 6 (interception for a TD) covered those exaggerated point-spreads.

Keeping the game under also helped immensely.

But whatever you did on Sunday and the excitement it created will dissipate in five weeks.

It will be interesting to see if those other than your core business will show up, or whether they’ll take a mini vacation.

Somehow, Nevada vs. Utah State in college hoops just won’t cut it.

No matter what you did yesterday I believe your sentiments could be encapsulated by Ernie Banks, who often said, "Let’s play two."

So, take a breath and we will catch up in a few weeks.

Take care, Jimmy V.

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