Super bowl bettors take a Super-sized loss

Feb 9, 2010 5:02 PM

Gaming Insider by Phil Hevener |

Not much of an edge with sharp bettors


The Super Bowl brought some super-sized wagering to Las Vegas sports books, as well as some super-sized losing bets.


According to published reports, high-stakes bettor Billy Walters made a $2 million bet on the Colts to win the game outright (no point spread, but 1-2 odds), which went down in flames along with the Indianapolis Colts.

And Steve Fennic (aka Steve Fezzik), the unprecedented winner of the Las Vegas Hilton’s prestigious Super Contest the last two seasons, also reportedly made a big money line bet on the Colts.

There was another million dollar bet at the M Resort by a Florida man who was identified as Adam Meyer, by the M’s Race and Sports Book Director Mike Colbert.

So was it a winning wager? "The man did not mind having his name out there," Colbert explained in confirming the bet, "but he asked that we not disclose which side he took."

All things, considered, it was a "great" game for the M’s book with the Saints winning a game where they had been 4½-point underdog. Colbert also noted that most betters put their money on the score totaling more than 56 points.

Particularly beneficial to the M’s bottom line for the day were the more than 1,000 propositions, many of them involving the M’s In-Running wagering that allows bets on an ever changing list of possibilities as the game progresses.

"With the Saints winning and the total staying under 56," Colbert said, "It was the best of all possible finishes for us."

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