NFL parity and replacement refs are the headlines

Sep 25, 2012 3:00 AM

We wait in anticipation for our football and when we look up it goes faster than a shooting star.

Next week we will be hitting 25% of the season and just a blink ago we were waiting for the Hall of Fame game. Each year we find something new to talk about and put our “cheese” to back our opinion or our beef. This year is no different. Parity and replacement refs are the headlines.

Parity has reared its ugly head. Just look at the results for the first three weeks, an aberration or a snapshot of things to come? I vote for the latter. Players at the smaller levels are becoming better and it shows in the upset of elite college teams by what we used to consider absolute walkovers.

Translation: A kid who goes to Michigan is still more highly regarded, but the kid from UL Monroe is catching up at record pace. I still believe the NFL is filled with the 10% who will overachieve, the 10% who will not, and the middle 80% is a field goal apart.

Saying you will not make a bet until the replacement ref’s are gone is probably a stretch. Like a beef with your better half, it only lasts until you get a good night’s sleep. The lines will be as deep as ever next Sunday morning as they have been in the first three weeks.

You can bet on it, and you will. Take care, Jimmy V.

Jimmy Vaccaro, an icon and pioneer in Las Vegas oddsmaking, is the Director of Public Relations for William Hill US. Contact Jimmy at Jimmy­[email protected]

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