First vote, then wager

Nov 6, 2012 3:00 AM

After another wild and enjoyable weekend of our new national pass time, which is watching and putting our cheese up on our favorite team, we head to another big day.

That is going to the polls to help decide who is going to guide our ship for the next four years. I am going to put you to the test that only your conscience and you will know the answer.

First of all let us say for entertainment purposes only that the election and the NFL were to be played on the same day. You get into the car and notice you were too busy or your other half did not stop for gas. The polls and your favorite team kick off in 20 minutes.

No time for a pit stop and hit both, which now weighs in on your big decision. A generation ago it wouldn’t be a choice, but that was then and this is now.

Stop and think about it. I believe you make the right call. My name is Jimmy Vaccaro and I approve this message. Take care. Jimmy V.

Jimmy Vaccaro, an icon and pioneer in Las Vegas oddsmaking, is the Director of Public Relations for William Hill US. Contact Jimmy at [email protected].

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