Toast to Dallas Cowboys 1974, Clint Longley

Nov 20, 2012 3:00 AM

We won’t see Alex Karras chasing Bart Starr around or Clint Longley replacing an injured Roger Staubach in 1974 with the Cowboys trailing the George Allen Redskins 23-3 in the middle of the third quarter.

It was that memorable Thanksgiving game in Dallas when Longley hit Drew Pearson with a 50 yard TD catch with 28 seconds left to put this one into one of the best Turkey Day games ever. Cowboys, 24-23.

A lot of talk around the table as the BCS rankings will also be a topic. Looks like Alabama will play ND and all the posturing barring a miracle will not change that. Look for Alabama to come up doubles for that game.

This is what we have come to and with all the problems that face us we still got the best of it. So how much better can it get if your side is in kneel down mode for the “W” and you loosen your belt moving away from the table.

Even Clint Longley can’t top that. Take care and enjoy the Thanksgiving Day. Jimmy V.

Jimmy Vaccaro, an icon and pioneer in Las Vegas oddsmaking, is the Director of Public Relations for William Hill US. Contact Jimmy at [email protected].

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