Entertainment value of wagering on NFL is at peak

Jan 15, 2013 3:00 AM

Taking your wife and two kids to a movie will put you in the ballpark of $75 in doing your patriotic duties. 

Trying to put yourself on your first date in the express lane, you got to go for at least two “beans” at a high end restaurant in order to cross the goal line.

A two teamer using Ravens-Broncos linked to Seahawks-Falcons – priceless!

The entertainment value of watching and wagering on the NFL is at a peak with our culture where there is no comparison. All the hype we are fed throughout the week from all the networks is nothing more than window dressing. The endless panels, which really do nothing other than overstate the obvious, dominate the airwaves.

I have said it for countless years – nothing can compare to the following: The game is heightened when you have secured a ticket with a number next to it and winners possibly turn to losers and vice-versa maybe three times in the last two minutes.

Physically these guys do wondrous things. And good moves and mind-numbing decisions by the coaching staff only bring more intrigue to the final score. I don’t go to movies, but the ending has been in the “can” for months before they release it.

You can’t script the ending of the two games mentioned earlier. So enjoy the three remaining NFL games and if you have never put a few dollars on it you will be surprised at the entertainment value. Oh yeah, it is nicer when you are in the cashier line when the final reviews are in.

Take care, Jimmy V.

Jimmy Vaccaro, an icon and pioneer in Las Vegas oddsmaking, is the Director of Public Relations for William Hill US. Contact Jimmy at [email protected].

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