Oddsmakers put San Francisco 49ers at -4 by Monday

Jan 22, 2013 3:00 AM

First of all we the bookmakers or oddsmakers as labeled have no idea or power to make these games close on the number such as the 49ers -4 at Atlanta.

It is a major pain in the backside, but nowhere the damage that once was created in years past. First reason: When these numbers open we move much quicker than we once did and basically got to -4 by Monday afternoon.

I would believe that 90% of the money on straight bets was taken at the 4. Second, once we get to key number in these monster handle games we move the money and not the point spread.

Since all the ways to wager being instituted in the last few decades from this side of the counter we only need help in one major bet to knock down and basically take a lot of the liability out of the whole package.

Yes, the first game came 4 and we were lopsided with Ravens money in the second game. The tourniquet was the teasers involving the Patriots. So it was a wash day and now New England is out to dry. Let’s move on.

Handle will not be hurt by having the Ravens as opposed to the Pats. Too many good stories involving the Harbaugh brothers, Reverend Ray Lewis and the new golden boy who we will just call Colin K (I can’t spell Kaepernick).

Northern Nevada come Feb. 3 will make Times Square on New Year’s Eve look like a PTA meeting. Take a breath and get ready for what I see as the biggest handle since Pittsburgh-Seattle a few years back. Take care, Jimmy V.

Jimmy Vaccaro, an icon and pioneer in Las Vegas oddsmaking, is the Director of Public Relations for William Hill US. Contact Jimmy at [email protected].

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