Chiefs acquire former 49er's QB Alex Smith

Feb 27, 2013 1:08 PM

If at first you don’t succeed (Matt Cassel), Kansas City is trying the free agent QB route again with the acquisition of Alex Smith.

The Chiefs’ seemingly endless search for a quarterback has settled on the former San Francisco starting QB. The deal includes multiple draft picks.

From 2005-10, Smith’s per-game QB rating was 76.5. From 2011 until Colin Kaepernick replaced him in the middle of the 2012 season, it was 95.9. 

Interceptions per pass attempt fell from .035 to .015. Touchdowns per pass attempt rose from .034 to .045. Yards, completion percentages, just about any tangible number improved dramatically. That includes the most important one: Smith was 20-5-1 as a starter the past two seasons (playoffs included) and just 19-31 before.

Smith was one of the NFL’s better quarterbacks this season, replaced only because of injury and Kaepernick’s unique and undeniable skill set. That made him expendable. The Niners were set to release him in March if they couldn’t find a reasonable deal. 

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