39 years amid 'controlled insanity' or sports betting industry

Sep 3, 2013 3:00 AM

Jack Benny always declared he was 39 years old and I for one always believed him. I can’t believe this coming January it will be 39 years ago that I came to live in Las Vegas.

My initial job was at Michael Gaughan’s first venture into owning his first casino, which was called the Royal Inn. And, if you have or have not followed his career, I think he did ok. I am back working for Michael at the South Point, hopefully to help push a little and see where the whole industry is going.

I believe the next five years will determine what the next 20 will have in store. In the meantime, I will be writing for Eileen (DiRocco) and the group at GamingToday and will cover a variety of subjects. We will always look back and cover the rogue and Damon Runyon characters who helped shape this industry I lovingly call “controlled insanity.”

I’ll take a look back at the history of sports betting in Nevada along with covering current events and taking a lead from any reader who has a topic we can do or some history on the subject.

We started with a reference from Mr. Benny and will end with a quote from another legend of comedy, Jackie Gleason. “And away we go!”

Take care, and hopefully you will enjoy.

Jimmy Vaccaro, an icon and pioneer in Las Vegas oddsmaking, is the vice president of sports marketing for South Point Hotel/Casino. Contact Jimmy at [email protected].

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