Always do your research before placing sports bet

Nov 26, 2013 3:00 AM

I like to know what I’m in for when I walk into the casino. I usually look to make smart bets but there are times where I’m just looking at a trip to the casino to have fun and not worry about what game I’m playing.

Sports betting is the exception for me. I always do research before placing a wager. Today I usually bet with an app on my phone instead of going up to the counter but I always read up on team statistics and trends before making any wagers.

When some people bet on sports they just bet on their favorite team or the game they want to watch. While I’ll sometimes do the latter, I usually bet on games where I feel I have an edge on the point spread.

I’d like to think most sports bettors are like me but when I watch games in the sports book the cheers are always for the same bets – favorite and over. I don’t have a similar trend in sports bets.

My research in gaming and sports is often enough to lead me in the right direction. Sports books make more money on football betting than all other sports combined. While I follow football as much as most sports I don’t bet much on it because the point spreads will be more difficult to crack.

I bet on pro and college football but focus more on baseball because a) I love baseball and b) it’s one of the least popular sports to bet on. Sports book operators spend less time worrying about the lines, and that’s my advantage.

We’re currently in football season and I bet on games just about every Saturday and Sunday. Straight bets are always the smart way to go as casinos win about 7 out of every 10 parlay bets that are made. Casinos winning 70% of football parlays are how the sports books stay in business.

Even though they are typically losing propositions, parlay cards are becoming more popular every day. As bad a bet as parlay cards may be they’re actually a win-win. The players enjoy the chance at winning a big jackpot and casinos like making money.

One of the websites I frequent for gaming odds and strategy is The site isn’t updated very often because it doesn’t have to be. That said, when there is an update it’s usually something useful.

Recently they did a huge overview on NFL parlay betting. Surprisingly, they found there are actually occasions where the player can find an advantage in NFL parlay bets.

This changed my whole mindset on parlay betting. I used to think of these as 100% fun bets that I’d call a lottery ticket. Now I look at parlay bets as a potential winning opportunity and will see if I can gain an advantage.

Preparation and research is always the key for visits to the casino. Through research I’ve done a 180 degree turn for parlay bets.

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