Denver Broncos are going to Super Bowl XLVIII

Jan 7, 2014 3:00 AM

The Denver Broncos are going to the Super Bowl.

That’s right, go ahead and call me captain obvious. Jimmy crack corn and I don’t care.

Denver gets to play San Diego. What an easy opportunity for Peyton Manning and the Broncos! After an easy win this weekend all the Broncos have to do is hold serve at home in the championship game and they are in the Super Bowl.

Of course, one year ago Denver was the odds-on favorite to get to the big game before a very conservative game plan by head coach John Fox backfired, as did the idiotic play of the free safety allowing Joe Flacco to complete a miracle pass inside of 30 seconds from some 70 yards.

Lightning will not strike twice. The Chargers are a fraud, much like the Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis. It seems every year Cincinnati has talent on both sides of the ball only to find a way to lose. This season was no exception.

After winning every single game at home during the regular season, the “Bungles” did what they do best – lose to an inferior team. I’m sorry, but any team that has Philip Rivers as their quarterback is an inferior team.

Rivers reminds me of Mike Vick. They both complete a lot of passes but are color blind and often complete passes to the opposing team. Good news for Broncos fans, they not only got a bye in the first round but receive another free pass this weekend playing the Chargers. This will be fun.

As far as the Bungles, quarterback Andy Dalton did not win any popularity contests by not taking responsibility for his horrendous game last weekend. Cincinnati outgained San Diego by 121 yards but were 17 point losers. Why? Turnovers. Cincy had four compared to none by the Chargers. Three were on Dalton, who dodged responsibility after the game by saying, “Everyone knows the quarterback gets too much blame and too much credit.”

The Friday Football Showdown contest is over. It was an invite only handicapping contest featuring 16 of the best sports bettors/handicappers on the planet. I had a good run, taking second to Paul Stone, who won $20,000 at the Golden Nugget. I collected $5,000. I’ll be back next year.

Remember the words of my friend and mentor Lem Banker who on more than one occasion has told me, “Bet with your head, not over it.”

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