Denver Broncos scoring 8 points paid off at 225-1

Feb 4, 2014 3:05 AM

Paying homage to Larry King’s old USA Today column, I’m using his form to explain the many good bullet points that came out of Super Bowl XLVIII.

(Editor’s note: These points are a lot better than the game turned out to be).

• Denver officially closed as a 2½ point favorite over Seattle.

• 68% of bets were on Denver, 32% on Seattle.

• Underdog has covered 6 of last 7 Super Bowls.

• Seattle winning by between 34 and 38 points paid 100-to-1.

• Denver scoring exactly 8 points paid 225-to-1.

• First Score Safety paid 50-to-1. Sports books lost big on this prop.

• Malcolm Smith was such a big longshot to win MVP he did not have individual odds listed at sports books. Like all unlisted players, he was included in the “field,” which paid 20-to-1 on average.

• Coin Flip was Tails. After 48 Super Bowls: 24 Heads; 24 Tails; The NFC has won 15 of the last 17 coin tosses.

• Worldwide, Super Bowl XLVIII was the biggest bet football game EVER.

• Nevada won against the bettors again – making it 22 of 24 years the sports books have won money on the Super Bowl.

• Floyd Mayweather issued a public denial on Twitter that he made any Super Bowl bet. Unsubstantiated rumors from an unreliable source were reported by numerous media outlets that Mayweather bet over $10 million on Denver.

• Most points any Super Bowl underdog has ever won the game by (Seattle by 35).

• Covered by most points of any Super Bowl team ever (Seattle covered spread by 37.5 points. Washington +3, winning by 32 points in Super Bowl XXII, had held both records.)

The spread is by definition expectation. Seahawks beat the spread by the biggest margin in Super Bowl history.

Can the case be made that Seattle’s was the best Super Bowl performance ever?

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