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Predictions to win NFL divisions, conferences and Super Bowl 50

Sep 11, 2015 8:44 AM

Predictions to win NFL divisions, conferences and Super Bowl 50(EDITOR’S NOTE: These are the predictions to win the eight NFL divisions, conference championships and Super Bowl 50. The selections will self-destruct after Week 3 for those old school Mission Impossible TV fans.)

Everyone makes Super Bowl predictions so no point abstaining. I also believe things can change from week to week due to injury, surprises or watching too much Mike Tirico. Where isn’t this guy?


East: New England is again the overwhelming favorite, but gone are big Vince Wolfolk in the middle and two top corners in Revis and Browner. It’s been a long time since the Dolphins have been heard from. Suh is the difference maker along with my dad in heaven. MIAMI.

North: Cincinnati is generally regarded as the deepest team. Baltimore has Flacco and the usual solid defense. Pittsburgh has Big Ben. Cleveland is in the wrong division. Steelers won it last year, Bengals the year before. BALTIMORE.

South: Not much thought here. Timing is right for Colts to breeze through the division. Houston has J.J. Watt, but unless he beats out Hoyer at QB, Andrew Luck abuses this division. INDIANAPOLIS.

West: It’s been Denver’s to rule in recent years, but the tires are starting to wear a bit thin on Peyton. Andy Reid just wins games and perhaps the success of the Royals spills over to the Chiefs at Arrowhead. KANSAS CITY.


East: The Eagles have DeMarco Murray and Dallas does not anymore. Chad Bradford must stay healthy. The Giants have Beckham and hopefully Cruz, but fans giving Pierre-Paul the finger. Redskins are a mess. PHILADELPHIA.

North: Green Bay should have been in the Super Bowl last year. Yes losing Jordy Nelson stings, but Rodgers still has plenty of bullets in his holster. Love the progress of Minnesota. Lions will miss Suh. Bears want to miss Cutler. GREEN BAY.

South: The last to first to last division. Carolina won it last year with a losing record. 8-8 could be good enough. Jameis Winston adds some intrigue at Tampa Bay. Atlanta needs a running game. Saints lost Jimmy Graham, but may have found its game breaker in Brandon Wilds. NEW ORLEANS.

West: Chemistry issues in Seattle with Chancellor holding out and Lynch not talking. Arizona has moved into the No. 2 slot with the Niners losing half their team plus a head coach. The Rams are sneaky good, but too much has to go right. Russell Wilson makes the difference. SEATTLE.

NFC winner: Green Bay.

AFC winner: Indianapolis.

Super Bowl champ: Green Bay. Rodgers needs that second ring to move past Favre as the best Packers QB ever for all those who don’t remember Bart Starr.