Seahawks, Packers bargains at PropSwap

Nov 17, 2015 3:00 AM

While the Seahawks currently sit at a paltry 4-5 record, we still aren’t ready to write off their chances. With teams like the 49ers, Ravens, Browns, Rams still left on their schedule, we believe there is a buying opportunity on Pete Carroll’s team. Keeping in mind that PropSwap can help you sell your ticket once it’s issued, the Hawks simply have to improve on their 18/1 standing, to get you paid.

To finish out the season, their schedule is: SF, PIT, @MIN, @BAL, CLE, STL, @AZ. Do you see them going worse than 5-2 in their last 7 games? In our opinion, it’s doubtful. So take advantage of a buying opportunity at 18/1, list the bet on PropSwap, and take some profit when their odds improve along with their record.

Moving on to our favorite team in Wisconsin, the Green Bay Packers. They currently sit at 10/1. We realize the Panthers have already knocked off Rodgers & Friends once, but do you really think it happens again, in the postseason, where #12 really shines?

Green Bay’s remaining schedule is: @MIN, CHI, @DET, DAL, @OAK, AZ, MIN. Similar to the ‘Hawks, do you see GB going worse than 5-2 in their remaining matchups? We don’t. While they’ve obviously lost three games in a row, we see this trend reversing, due to their Quarterback’s leadership, experienced coaching staff, and the invaluable “been there before” mentality.

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