Real loud McCoy turned silent in Philly

Real loud McCoy turned silent in Philly

December 15, 2015 3:01 AM


“I have nothing to say.” Those were Shady McCoy’s words before exiting the locker room after the big loss to Philly.

And, those were the same words he should have used all last week. Instead, he made the week about himself instead of his team. In the end, he looked foolish and Chip Kelly got the last laugh.

Kelly’s team played better. Key word – team! Everything is not about you, LeSean. Chip made a horrible trade and handled it badly. This week he took the blame for the way the trade was handled. He owned it. Now, Mr. Shady, own your own job and don’t worry about your past coaches. Just play football.

Speaking of keeping your mouth shut, maybe A.J. McCarron should do the same. Did he compare himself to Tom Brady after the game? You, sir, are no Brady. I felt like laying that line on him like Lloyd Bentsen did to Dan Quayle in the 1988 debate. Remember the “you’re no Jack Kennedy” remark?

Oh well, Dukakis and Bentsen ultimately lost out to Bush and Quayle. Maybe A.J. still has a chance to prevail, take the Bengals to the playoffs and win a playoff game or two. But I wouldn’t hold my breath on that prediction coming true.


Bucs PK at Rams: In a dead even game I’ll take the homie on national TV. Todd Gurley is special and he should be the difference maker, along with a pretty solid front 7. Jameis Winston may have the natural talent over Keenum but Case has the experience. RAMS.


Jets -3 at Cowboys: Can we stop the horror movie right now? No mas! The Cowboys have taken nine weeks to prove beyond the shadow of a doubt they can’t win without Romo. They’re 1-8 without him. It’s almost as painful as a dentist visit to watch Matt Cassel run the Dallas offense. Fitzpatrick is playing like his beard is on fire! JETS.

Bears +5 at Vikings: I don’t trust either one of these clubs. Both have lost three of their last four. Bears have now lost four games by 3 points or fewer. Looks like the Bears are undervalued by a couple. Since they’re not at home they have a legitimate chance to not only cover but possibly win. I’m praying the Bears don’t need a field goal at the end! BEARS.

Falcons +3.5 at Jaguars: Dan Quinn called the shutout loss to the Panthers unacceptable. I think he left out embarrassing. I’m embarrassed to pick them, even though they’re the dog. But I can’t help myself. FALCONS.

Chiefs -7 at Ravens: These birds from Baltimore are on my no fly list. That’s because of multiple injuries that have forced the Ravens to start players we’ve never heard of before. The Chiefs have won seven straight and during that streak they’ve held opponents to an average of 12 points per game. They’ve also amassed 18 takeaways and 26 sacks! I take one of those statements back, I have heard of Jimmy Clausen. Sorry, that doesn’t help. CHIEFS.

Bills -1 at Skins: Rex, you’ve had over three months to correct the penalties and make your team more disciplined. I think you like talking to the press more than coaching. The Bills shoot themselves in the foot almost every week. They outgained the Eagles but committed 15 penalties – over half of which were prior to the snap! Cousins fired up over breaking a nine game road losing streak. You like that! And I do too. SKINS.

Titans +13 at Patriots: The Pats’ season was slipping away, but then the Gronk came back and all was well in Brady land. Pats defense should stifle Mariota. He has no playmakers. PATRIOTS.

Cards -3.5 at Eagles: Chip Kelly took about as much heat as any coach I’ve seen over the last month. The big report indicated he lost the team. But all of a sudden they upset the Pats, gut one out over the Bills and lo and behold they’re still in the race. Philly special teams are always prepared and now the defense is stepping up. EAGLES.

Panthers -6 at Giants: I hear Cam talking after the game about how he and his team prepare for these winning streaks and all accolades. Really? I’m not sure how you do that but Cam does it. I guess he really is Superman. And right now, I think he actually believes he is super human. He’s becoming just a little full of himself. Superman may fly a little closer to earth here. Most 13-0 teams stumble in Week 15! GIANTS.

Browns +14.5 at Seahawks: Don’t the oddsmakers realize Johnny is out of Microsoft concussion protocol. Johnny Football is not getting much respect and to tell you the truth he doesn’t deserve it. But I’m holding out hope he can turn his life around. I think this is a big number to cover, especially after I heard they’re hiding the alcohol from Johnny on the plane to Seattle. BROWNS.

Packers -3 at Raiders: Mack has 14 sacks for the season. I’m praying Eddie Lacy misses curfew again and the Raiders pressure Rodgers like they did Osweiler. RAIDERS.

Dolphins PK at Chargers: It’s all about sentiment here. I have to go with the Bolts to win the last game they’ll possibly ever play in San Diego. CHARGERS.

Broncos +6.5 at Steelers: Denver’s offensive line needs to regroup and take a deep breath after the five- sack Mack Attack. Steelers have averaged over 30 points in five straight. This recent run has them overvalued by at least 1 point. BRONCOS.

Bengals -4.5 at 49ers: The Red Rifle’s trigger finger (thumb actually) is broken. But fear not Bengals fans, A.J. is ready to go in Tom Brady fashion? You sir, are no Brady. 49ERS.


Lions +3 at Saints: I could heap accolades on both sides of the equation here but I don’t want to be known as a complete bull crap shooter. Lions have to figure out how to get Calvin Johnson more than one catch. His lone reception came with two minutes left in the game versus St. Louis! LIONS.

NFL Last Week: 9-6-0

NFL Season: 104-84-7

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