Redskins' Norman, Cubs have big week

Apr 26, 2016 3:00 AM

Some random thoughts.

• The NBA has to be happy the first round is almost over. It hasn’t exactly captured my attention.

• If you are a Chicago fan, don’t look now but the Cubs aren’t the only team in town doing well.

• DB Josh Norman got paid big time, $50 million guaranteed, by the Washington Redskins! Now let’s see if he’s all that good.

• Triple G, Gennady Golovkin, is a guy you definitely don’t want to fight.

• Johnny Manziel is a mess, I figure he might read this. I think he’s still in Vegas. Hey, love ya man… but dude, what happened to you?

• Remember when Mike Trout seemed like the right choice over Bryce Harper? Those days are over.

• FYI to the PGA: You guys are supposed to be the best but the slow play is starting to become annoying. People who watch golf know what I mean.

• There are no Canadian hockey teams playing in the Stanley Cup playoffs. In a league that has been dominated by Canadiens, the lack of participation is embarrassing. I’m sure Canada is still proud of their game, but can’t be happy. All things are equal because the salary cap levels the playing field.

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