Dak gaining the trust of Cowboys

Dak gaining the trust of Cowboys

September 20, 2016 3:00 AM


The Dallas Cowboys won a football game without Tony Romo. So you do realize, the world may be coming to an end.

Fear not Cowboys fans, in the case of Jerry’s World, that world might be just starting to shine. I believe Dallas fans are still dancing in the streets. It’s only the second time in 16 attempts the Cowboys have won without Romo under center. Yes, a Dallas back-up QB actually targeted Dez Bryant, connected and did considerable damage to the opposing defense.

Can you imagine that? Well, it happened. We live in a dangerous world, no doubt. But for the time being, Cowboys fans have found comfort in their back-up QB, Dak Prescott. And the big question remains. How long will they consider Dak a back-up?


Texans -2.5 at Patriots: What rabbit will Bill Belichick pull out of his hat on Thursday night? This guy never ceases to amaze me. Tom Brady is suspended for four games to start the season. No worries. He’ll just coach his butt off and get Jimmy Garoppolo ready to play in his place. Gronk is not there, no big deal. The Patriots just keep rolling. Now Belichick has to deal with the prospect of getting Jacoby Brissett ready to roll in the national spotlight. If the Patriots get through this one it won’t surprise me. But I can’t bet on it. Texans have the type of defense to present major issues for a rookie QB. There can’t be any rabbits left in the hat. TEXANS.


Broncos +3.5 at Bengals: You probably know Denny The Dog pretty good by now, especially after 39 years. I’m like a fish when I see the hook. I’m a sucker for the half point – hook, line and sinker. The Steelers exposed the Bengals’ weakness last Sunday. If you can shut down A. J. Green you can stop Cincy cold. BRONCOS.

Raiders +1 at Titans: What in the world has happened to the nasty silver and black defense? Raiders better get it together fast or I’m going to seriously start doubting their preseason hype. I’m not sure what to think of either of these clubs right now. Both teams are very inconsistent. RAIDERS.

Cards -4 at Bills: Suspensions and injuries are just too much for the Bills to overcome. Rex Ryan is on the hot seat. He may have fired the wrong coordinator. If he loses this game his first line in the post-game presser should be, “Hey Bro, I need to see you in my office right away – and bring your playbook!” Cards were embarrassed by the Pats and took it out on the Bucs. It reminded me of the golf game after a blow up hole, when you really bust the next drive. Man, there just seems to be a little red-ass in that next one. CARDS.

Ravens -1 at Jaguars: Baltimore certainly showed their vulnerability on the road at Cleveland. A more experienced team, hungry for a win at home, should be able to put them away. Blake Bortles should be able to expose a suspect Baltimore secondary. JAGUARS.

Browns +7 at Dolphins: The Fish must realize if they don’t win this game big they’re in real trouble. Browns must realize RG III is not the answer after how smoothly Josh McCown ran the offense in the first half against the Ravens. The extent of McCown’s injury was not fully known at press time but it can’t be great news. DOLPHINS.

Skins +3.5 at Giants: Kirk Cousins has been indecisive and erratic. I don’t like that and neither do the Washington fans. It’s obvious he’s pressing. I’m sure he’s thinking about the one year deal he’s on now and what will be offered next year! The G-men spent a ton of money to upgrade their defense and so far it appears to be paying off. GIANTS.

Lions +8.5 at Packers: Something doesn’t look right with Green Bay. The Pack didn’t look great at Jacksonville and they were outplayed in Minnesota. LIONS.

Vikings +7.5 at Panthers: Vikes D scored 2 TDs in Week 1 and then played smashmouth against the Packers. I wouldn’t spot this team more than 4 points, even without Adrian Peterson. Even the Sam Bradford haters need to bow to the injury prone Sooner. VIKINGS.

49ers +10 at Seahawks: The Seattle offense is not exactly rolling up the points. There’s a grand total of one touchdown after two games. The offensive line is struggling to say the least. I can’t lay double digits on a club struggling to run the ball and move the chains. 49ERS.

Rams +3.5 at Bucs: It will be interesting to see if Jameis Winston can rebound from his four-interception, one-fumble performance. All hands on deck for this one as Doug Martin also left the Cards’ game with a hamstring injury. Bucs rebound at home against a team yet to score a touchdown. BUCS.

Steelers -5 at Eagles: Big Ben and company have made me believers after routing the Skins on the road and following it up with a decisive win over the Bengals. Let’s see how Carson Wentz handles the short week and a team ranked in the top 5 for sure. STEELERS.

Jets +3 at Chiefs: I respect both defenses. I have a little more confidence in Alex Smith than I do Fitzgerald. CHIEFS.

Chargers +3 at Colts: San Diego showed a much better defense than they displayed in the second half of the Chiefs game. Rivers continues to light it up, even without Keenan Allen. The real difference maker for Rivers is the rushing of Melvin Gordon, who went over a 100 yards against the Jaguars. Colts continue to be haunted by injuries. CHARGERS.

Bears +4 at Cowboys: Dallas is head over heels in love with Dak Prescott. One game doesn’t mean anything but it’s still a good start. COWBOYS.


Falcons + 3 at Saints: In a battle of putrid defenses I will take the more experienced QB on his home turf. SAINTS.

Last week: 8-6 (1 pass)

Season: 18-12 (1 pass)

(not including MNF result)