Old Vegas didn't get beat by NFL, that's what happens when you move on air

December 27, 2016 3:00 AM


I keep hearing how the books are getting beat in the NFL. Time was when that was hard to do.

A weekend here or there was a loser for us but certainly not on a regular basis. Proof of that was in the limits we set according to where we were most likely to get hammered.

The smallest limits were on college basketball because they were easiest to beat. The NBA was the next level, then we raised our limits on baseball quite a bit.

Going up the limit ladder, we took a bigger bite on college football. Our biggest limits were for the NFL. Why the NFL? We could usually count on picking up the NFL wagers with a blotter.

At the Stardust we made our own numbers and put any opinions we had into our openers. From there it was impersonal.

Bookmaking is really simple. Just move your numbers according to your action. Don’t have the mindset that when you write a ticket you have to beat that player.

Your limits should have already been set to accommodate your clientele. If you have $10,000 players don’t take $25,000 or more on a single wager. The idea is to get two-way action, pay the winners with the losers' money and keep the juice for yourself.

Thinking you’re a sports guru and your smarts can “beat” the players won’t stand up. They’ll eat your lunch over time. Don’t move your numbers because the offshores move theirs. Don’t move on air because a sportsbook up the Strip moved theirs.

Think about that last statement.

If you move on air without a bet on a certain number you won’t have two-way action. Now you really do have to beat the player instead of juicing out. Like I said, keep it impersonal, and a set of gonads helps also.

Now we need to get most Las Vegas book managers together and sing a chorus of “But I Might Get Middled.”

So what if you book 20 games and one or two fall in the middle. I’ve never had a player tell me, “I middled you, I’m keeping your money and I’ll never make another bet.” That money will find its way back through the betting windows before the rent is paid.

While we’re still all together let’s sing a chorus of “Don’t Move Off Of 3 or 7.”

Some of our biggest wins came with moving off, on and over 3 and 7 in the NFL. How else could we get two way action! We’ll either get sided, middled, lose or win it all. Yes, 11 is still bigger than 10. And besides, it’s the same $20 bill, we just hand it back and forth. But the bookmaker has it 20 days a month and the player only has it for 10.

Yes, I understand it’s a different game in Las Vegas now. Two-way action is harder to achieve but it’s mostly the Las Vegas mindset that says get rid of the wiseguys or at least hide from them. You’ll never get that two-way action without the “wisenheimers.”

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