Picturing a Super Bowl future in Vegas

Picturing a Super Bowl future in Vegas

January 03, 2017 3:00 AM


Picture this: The Las Vegas Raiders are at home vs. whoever. Or maybe the Super Bowl is being played in the partially tax-funded Las Vegas Stadium. In either event the networks, advertisers and assorted NFL bottom feeders are at a fever pitch. It’s a promoter’s dream.

At the same time and for their own self-serving purposes the hotels are also riding the crest of this monumental event. It’s tailor made for the sportsbooks they house. Thousands of team followers are in town and most will stop by and support their heroes with a wager be it a token show of support or a six figure lay down.

In fact, the whole city is packed with Super Bowl fans going to the game. Even more will fill the sportsbooks and their money drawers.

It’s all set up, the NFL is giddy and all that’s left is to play the game and look at the ratings. At the same time and keeping pace is the Las Vegas gaming brain trust who are way ahead of the NFL. They have been promoting remote wagering, i.e. load up your account, head for the game and wager away on the in-game props from inside the stadium. Meanwhile 90% (a guess) of out-of-staters who aren’t eligible for remote wagering have made their bets before heading for the game.

We have 65,000 out of the 70,000 in attendance with a wager if the hotels’ promotions are effective, which they will be. The remote wagering crowd will be busy on most situations unfolding on the field. Will they punt or go for it on fourth down? Will the next play be a pass or run?

Announcers now have extra work explaining boos in situations that don’t usually warrant them. Why the boos and cheers when the coin flip lands heads? Why all the boos when Roethlisberger throws his third TD pass? Why all the boos when the Steelers are ahead by eleven with three seconds left and take a knee?

So far the NFL has been running around the shower without getting wet but now they’ll have to accept the universal fact that gambling on their games is a huge part of it’s success. Kicking and screaming they’ll have to accept it publicly if the Las Vegas Raiders have anything to say about it.

Maybe worse yet for NFL franchise owners is keeping their million dollar employees in their rooms. You can bet your house and lot in Georgia that some NFL players, who find themselves in Las Vegas, won’t/can’t resist the charms of Las Vegas. Will they all stay away from the tables and sportsbooks? Probably not. Will they all avoid the other temptations? Probably not.

We all can’t spout the party line, someone has to bring up potential situations in a productive manner. Take care, and check out my new web site www.wiseguys.com.