Wrestling remains pure sport to bet

Wrestling remains pure sport to bet

January 10, 2017 3:00 AM


There’s only one sport that leaves nothing to blame on bad beats and doesn’t include second guessing as to the true winner. That’s high school and college wrestling.

No expanding and contracting strike zones, no out or safe judgment calls. No crazy bounces from an oblong football, no missed interference calls.

No flags on phantom holding and interference calls to kill a drive. No goofy plays or decisions from coaches. No mistaking a charge from a block.

No team going to the foul line 30 times while their visiting opponent has three trips to the line. No players playing at half speed because of “foul trouble.”

Most important to me is coming away from a wrestling match without having to watch some NFL seven watt bulb do a dance after making a “play” they’re supposed to make. Or an aircraft carrier sized basketball player scream at the rafters while grabbing his jersey number because he made a basket.

High school and college wrestlers endure the hardest workout regimens and sacrifice the most to stay in incredible shape.

There’s no time for grandstanding during a match. No timeouts to get oxygen like in the NFL or ask to be taken out after a 25 yard run. It’s just you and an equally determined opponent on the mat. Rarely, if ever, is the wrong wrestler’s hand held up in victory. Rarely does a ref make a bad call. The winner is the winner without the bad beats to overcome.

You can always recognize a dedicated, hard working wrestler. He’s the kid with the cauliflower ears and eyebrows and maybe a crooked nose. He’s also refreshingly polite and humble.

Wrestling is the perfect sport to handicap and book. The stats and records reflect actual strengths and capabilities of the opponents, be it an individual match or a team result. There’s an array of propositions that are true to the sport without the silliness of the Super Bowl props.

Wrestling is perfect for money lines, rounds, full outcomes, over and unders, etc. In-progress betting would be hard to accommodate because the action is so fast. There’s maybe a minute at most between the three rounds (3,2,2 minutes) and a minute between matches. If all 10 weight classes go the distance that’s 70 minutes of nonstop action. The whole event is over in 85-90 minutes, including half time, but you can count on the correct decisions be it individual or team outcomes and avoid the stench of a bad beat. Wrestling is the purest Western sport.

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Scotty Schettler began his Las Vegas journey in 1968. By the time he quit the race and sports book business he had booked over $1.5 billion for different employers. He says he knows where most of the cans are buried. His book, We Were Wise Guys and Didn’t Know It is available on amazon.com. Email: ScottySchettler@GamingToday.com