Hopefully Raiders move to Vegas helps end some of the NFL's nonsense

June 13, 2017 3:00 AM


In poker good players look for tells. Like poker, the NFL has telegraphed a clue into the hand they hold and how they intend to play it.

They once had a pat hand but no more it seems. Viewership is down and sinking further. There are various reasons and theories for this slide, but instead of facing them head-on the league chooses to ignore them.

So they tinker around the edges of their game instead of playing to their strength, which is still football. Did they streamline the annoying review process? Naw. We’re still stuck with horrible, and getting worse, bad refereeing.

Bad beats are now part of the game because some holding and pass interference calls are bogus or not called when they are evident. Good luck figuring them in your handicapping.

Momentum and a reasonable flow to the game are secondary to truck and beer commercials. After a TD is scored we break for a barrage of them. Then it’s back for the ensuing kickoff; then before a play is run another barrage of commercials.

Advertising is necessary or we wouldn’t see sports on TV, that’s a given, but at least try going to breaks when they don’t interfere with the flow of the game.

No gambling ads are allowed but the NFL endorses fantasy football. No Las Vegas advertising is permitted by the league but they OK’d the Raiders move to Las Vegas.

It’ll be a monumental undertaking covering up the players’ shenanigans, home team and visitors, as they partake in the offerings. The League has a better chance of running around in the shower without getting wet.

Starting this season we will be treated to ads for hard liquor. The league is remaining self righteous though since no more than two in a quarter are allowed – and they must include a politically correct, responsibility message. No condom ads are allowed but it’s OK to advertise Viagra or other ED aids. No Red Bull ads allowed but booze is fine. Go figure.

The most glaring tell is the promotion of end zone celebrations. Not only can we see players celebrate a tackle, sack, pass breakup, catch, etc. after a routine play, we can watch comedy routines in the end zone with NFL blessings as of this season.

Will they be choreographed and rehearsed during practice or when? Will they be available on video? Are they OK even if you're getting killed on the scoreboard?

Of course they will, and they will be promoted by the league as they get further and further away from what brung them to the dance – Football.

Take care, Scotty, www.wiseguys.com