Yesterday doesn’t mean as much as it used to

July 18, 2017 3:00 AM


My columns in GamingToday are under the heading Gaming Yesterday, which is self explanatory but it’s kind of getting blurred.

Yesterday doesn’t mean as much as it used to. Recalling the days once described as yesterday could mean a year ago or two years ago or a decade or two ago.

Not any more. Since technology is developing at warp speed, what held true Tuesday may be obsolete by Wednesday.

The games we wager our money on are not the games of “yesterday” when outcomes were truer to form. The fields and courts are still the same dimensions as always but the rules and styles of play have been tinkered with and altered.

Performance enhancing drugs can be disguised. No way are all the super muscled athletes the product of gene pools or hard workouts. The record books should use an asterisk beside some of the entries regardless of the assurances of the various leagues and governing bodies that their athletes are pure.

Major League Baseball, in an effort to add more offense (i.e. runs) to their game, have created another dead ball/live ball controversy. We know the drill. The League just can’t figure out how they are on pace to destroy the home run record by 400 this season. That’s four hundred but “trust us, the ball is the same.”

The NFL has turned their game into a pitch and catch, crowd pleasing (?) extravaganza. Can’t touch a QB and defensive backs can’t use all their skills. Just throw the damn thing and let a receiver catch it. After reaching the end zone the league is now promoting end zone dances. They’ve already announced and started promoting Britney Spears as the half time show of Super Bowl 51. Nothing wrong with Britney, she’s awesome, but the football game is becoming the backup act.

The NBA has altered their game the most. It has evolved, purposely I might add, into nothing more than first guy past mid-court shoots a three pointer or maybe two passes then a lob into an aircraft carrier who posts up another aircraft carrier then shoots. If he happens to make it (which he’s paid to do) he might grab his jersey, pound his chest and scream. The league loves it and so must the fans and TV viewers.

I predict, in the not too distant future, we’ll be able to don virtual reality head sets in our seats at the game and view the action from any angle. That’ll be awesome. Just as awesome would be the ability to join a money pool when purchasing your ticket and receiving a mobile device to bet on the game in progress. That’s a long shot but it’s the natural progression of the modern game and technology.

Talk about technology. eSports has plugged their product into the major sports outlets. eSports has pre-game press conferences, they promote how they “train” and the status of their teams’ heads. They have their own superstars. There are eSports mini-stadiums so the fan base, mostly millennials, can mimic the mainstream sports experience if our current big time sports don’t appeal to them.

Hold on to your hats boys and girls, it’s changing fast. Take care.