Texans offense brutalized; Canelo-GGG potential of a trilogy

Sep 12, 2017 3:08 AM

Week 1 was a mixed bag for any gambler playing more than one game.

The public wasn’t happy early but swept the late games. All the while no big upsets occurred, unless we want to count Jacksonville’s defense humbling the Houston Texans offense so badly it took one half of the game to flip from the starter to the rookie backup.

Jacksonville’s Calais Campbell sacked poor Texans QB Tom Savage 3.5 times in that awful first half. Maybe Campbell’s helmet clanked into Savage so many times he thought he was WWF’s Randy “Macho Man” Savage instead of an NFL quarterback. Regardless, holdout left tackle Duane Brown really made a statement on his importance in this game. Hey, Coach O’Brien, might want to get that guy in the fold before you get fired.

Let’s take a look at Week 2:

Tennessee at Jacksonville -1: The Titans were my crosshairs as the most overrated team this offseason and their offense proved my point in Week 1. I hate backing anything involving Jags QB Blake Bortles but that defense should be impressive two weeks in a row. Especially since the Raiders D isn’t a Top 10 unit. JAGS

Cleveland at Baltimore -8: The Browns needed one stop late by its defense and I truly believe they would have beaten the Steelers. I also feel the Ravens aren’t the Steelers. BROWNS

Chicago at Tampa Bay -6.5: Not getting to play a Week 1 game could really hurt the Buccaneers. The Bears looked above average on offense and played great defense versus the defending NFC Champion Atlanta Falcons. They know they should have won that one and they don’t want to start 0-2. BEARS

NY Jets at Oakland -14: The Jets are awful, and as I said before until they beat me, I am laying the points. I expect the Raiders by four TDs. RAIDERS

San Francisco at Seattle -13.5: This is the pick I don’t want to make but I have to. The Seahawks didn’t score 10 points last week, so I will take the points. 49ERS

Totals for the week: Saints-Patriots OV 54; Lions-Giants OV (Unavailable); Texans-Bengals OV 38.5, Dolphins-Chargers OV 44.5


As a big boxing guy this is the real boxing event of the year. Undefeated linear middleweight champion Gennedy “GGG” Golovkin takes on superstar Saul “Canelo” Alvarez at T-Mobile Arena Saturday.

At 37-0, GGG is missing the defining victory of his career, and at 35 years of age time is likely running out. At 27 years old, Canelo is already a very experienced fighter, 49-1-1, his only loss to that 50-0 guy everyone is talking about. Back then Canelo was only 23 and is a more complete boxer now, but still wouldn’t catch Floyd.

This should turn out to be an all-time classic (fingers crossed). On paper we have two guys who like to fight. Two guys who prefer to move forward.

As a big fan of both guys, I have mixed emotions about who I want to win. A win by GGG gives him the legitimacy he truly deserves (win or lose he is legit people). Canelo winning at 27 is the much better result for boxing as he is one of the few marketable fighters left in the sport. He can still bring us many more great moments in the sport, while GGG has already mentioned his career is winding down. I think the best result would be a fantastic back and forth close 12-round fight that doesn’t have a clear winner so they can fight again.

We need a good trilogy in boxing, so how about we just get a great fight. Let this first one be a razor thin decision, a fight that has everyone excited. Instead of complaining about who won, everyone just talks about how great the back and forth was. The second fight can be a KO win for the loser of fight one and fight three, may the best man win.

As far as my analysis, GGG is the biggest puncher by far that Canelo has ever faced. Golovkin’s style will force Canelo to fight differently than he ever has. While Canelo is capable of boxing, he will really have to be amazing every round to keep GGG off balance and stall his pressure.

The first six rounds will tell the story. If Canelo keeps slowing down GGG’s offense he wins. If GGG is breaking through as the fight progresses he wins by late stoppage.

Regardless, it’s a can’t miss main event card, if you love boxing, or loved boxing at one point, order this fight. Invite three friends to the house to split the cost of the PPV and enjoy.