Jets among surprises in Week 3 underdogs winning outright; Lions won't handle Vikings

Jets among surprises in Week 3 underdogs winning outright; Lions won't handle Vikings

September 26, 2017 3:00 AM


Early in an NFL season, results can completely flip week to week. Nothing was that surprising in Week 3, minus the complete egg the Dolphins turned in at New York. The Jets won a game! It was a magic-filled weekend for the sportsbooks as underdogs went 10-4 and 8-6 straight up, highlighted by the Jets, Bears, Bills and Jaguars.

Had the Texans pulled off the biggest upset of the day, nearly beating the Patriots in Foxboro, it might have been a record-like day. Oh, and you can thank my good buddy Texans coach Bill O’Brien for his horrendous clock management not giving his team a chance for a game-tying field goal. But instead it’s just Tom Brady’s 50th, yes 50th, fourth quarter or overtime comeback win. It’s amazing how he still adds badges to his first-ballot Hall of Fame career.

Going over the rest of the week’s results, what have we learned: the Bears defense is legit and they are capable of making noise. Imagine if rookie QB Mitchell Trubisky is ready midseason and they make the switch, could something magical happen in Chicago?

How good are the LA Rams? They sit at 2-1, with wins over the Colts and 49ers and a loss on the road in Washington. The loss doesn’t look bad after the Redskins dismantled the Raiders Sunday night. Still, the bookmakers are giving the Rams little respect as they head to Dallas next week, catching anywhere from -7.5 to -8.5 points. This should be the game that tells us who the Rams really are.

I backed the Seahawks last week as my best bet on the Las Vegas Review Journal’s Sports Betting Spotlight; I go 0-3 if Dallas didn’t cover versus Arizona, nice debut Homer Simpson. Back to Seattle, it was amazing once they were down big how easily they moved the ball by not letting the Titans defense get set. Seahawks coach Pete Carroll would be crazy not to embrace this style of offense moving forward. It’s the first time I can remember QB Russell Wilson looking like the player he is meant to be. Not letting the defense get set was torching the Titans but too little too late. Hosting the Colts this week it makes perfect sense for Seattle to give a no huddle offense a try. Clearly the line can’t block. Who knows, it might lead to an awakening in the NFL.

The Jaguars have won three straight in London, maybe it’s time for the NFL to go global? If they do it please make a division.

Speaking of moving franchises, I mentioned on the Cash Considerations podcast a week ago that I believe the Chargers will move again. This is the worst move in the history of sports. My fellow co-host David Griffin was out in Los Angeles this weekend and actually heard on the radio the Chargers might try moving back to San Diego. Let me say this, as I did when he revealed that information on our newest episode: If they ask the city to take them back, they should board up that stadium and say thanks but no thanks. Maybe the Chargers could move to St. Louis, they were still behind the Rams. My dad, a lifelong San Diego Chargers fan, tossed me the idea of maybe they will end up in Mexico City. That would be something, and not a crazy proposition.

One quick note – don’t forget it’s USFantasy football season too. Why should you pay attention? Because a $.50 Trifecta in the Running Back group paid $386.75 for $.50. There might not be a better sports bargain around. Oh, and the three backs? Vikings’ Dalvin Cook, Falcons’ Devonta Freeman, Steelers’ Le’Veon Bell – not exactly rocket science.

With all this craziness let’s take a look at Week 4:

Panthers at Patriots (-8.5, 47.5): Carolina has had the benefit of a weak schedule to start the season and it showed last week at home against New Orleans. While they are 2-1, they probably aren’t that good. New England doesn’t look like the Super Bowl version yet, especially on defense, although I think time will help Bill Belichick figure things out. This week is a good time to go with the total. OVER

Lions at Vikings (No Line, No Total): I am on the Vikings bandwagon. I truly believe in this team, especially at home. Detroit got hosed last week from a victory and I think they have a hangover from that game and go up against the best defense they have played thus far. Don’t care about the number, lay it. VIKINGS

Redskins at Chiefs (-6.5, 49): Wow, I have to say a little bit too much respect for the Redskins on the road here, as you should be laying a minimum of -7.5 with Kansas City, I think this one gets ugly quickly. CHIEFS