Taking advantage of good numbers when the public fails to win

Taking advantage of good numbers when the public fails to win

September 26, 2017 3:00 AM


Since the Mayweather/McGregor fight, the sportsbooks have been on a good run. And that’s a good thing for sharp guys like me.

NFL underdog selections (that were not lined at a pick ‘em) went 9-4 this past week, an even better thing for me. That’s because I depend on sportsbooks to do well in order to place my wagers easier, without any heat.

When I say heat, what I mean is, when I make my wagers and they have to go for approval they are more easily approved because the stress is not on the management because the sportsbook had a good week (or is having a good season). When they are having a losing week or two, upper management from corporate looks to the bosses in charge for answers.

Then that is handed down to the supervisors who approve the bets, and my plays will be scrutinized more. Because let’s face it, if I’m betting your sportsbook, you have the best line in town on that particular selection.

Some bookmakers don’t like to tell you how they are doing because, in the end, they get most of the money. Fortunately for us in Nevada we can find out that type of information very easily just from reading newspapers and publications like GamingToday.

This reminds me of a true story when I was down in Miami at the Fontainebleau many years ago with my friend Big Archie. He ran into a guy named Mel, who was a bookmaker back in NYC. Here is how the conversation went:

Mel – Archie how did the Yankees do today?

Archie – They won.

Mel – That’s terrible for me.

I silently corrected Big Archie, telling him the Yankees actually lost, and he goes on to say, “Hey Mel, my friend just corrected me, the Yankees actually lost.” Mel says, “Oh boy, that’s even worse.”

Let’s face it, most people who come to Las Vegas bet on marquee teams and the overs, hoping for lots of scoring. So just know going in that if you are betting these on these types of games, you will pay more for it by laying extra points and going over a higher total than the sharper offshore line.

All this adds up to extra value for you the customer if you are playing or following the sharp sides. So keep that in mind before making your decisions and going to the counter.

This week’s plays:

Akron +1 and Kansas St. -16. Yes, I do pick my spots where you can bet double digit favorites, especially early in the season.

Last week: 0-0-1

Season: 5-3-1