Step away from NFL chaos and reassess everything each week

Oct 10, 2017 3:00 AM

Well, minus the Lions and the staph infected Kevin Lee, yeah that’s right the excuse train is in the station, it was a mighty fine week in The Takeover.

After a 4-1 week in the NFL and 0-1 in UFC, great performance from both guys in my opinion, we have to step back away from the chaos that each week of NFL can bring and reassess everything. It still wasn’t really a public week, but at least the games I was pinpointing as public games did turn up. I was surprised by the lack of support for the Packers here, but I guess the Cowboys still had that rematch factor. I don’t think you’ll see the public backing Dallas in that game again for a while.

Will this be the public week? My big ugly question is still lingering – sort of. Let’s just say there are two favorites on the board that stick out. But first let me give you my analysis of what is happening in the NFL.

First off there are some clear well-balanced dynamite teams, thus far the Kansas City Chiefs 5-0, Philadelphia Eagles 4-1, and, wow, Carolina Panthers 4-1. Some teams are winning because of a player, coach, or both: Green Bay Packers 4-1, Aaron Rodgers; Minnesota Vikings 3-2 (yeah I know the Monday night game isn’t over at press time), Mike Zimmer; and finally the New England Patriots 3-2, Tom Brady and Bill Belichick, minus a defense mind you.

Also, what I call the desert of disaster, the Cleveland Browns 0-5, New York Giants 0-5, San Francisco 49ers 0-5, the somehow 2-3 Indianapolis Colts and the unexplainable 3-2 Jets. We could honestly throw the Dolphins, Chargers, Bengals, Cardinals, Bears on the standby list, not exactly frosty in those seats either.

The point I am trying to make here is we are in the age where parity exists in the middle, not at the top, nor at the bottom. The teams in my desert deserve to be double digit TD underdogs to the majority of teams if they can score. The Jets are my favorite example of this, who have they beat? Jaguars, Dolphins and Browns – all three teams are missing a QB. Whereas the 2-2 Vikings have wins over the Saints with Drew Brees and the Bucs with Jameis Winston.

Now I know some of you might say wait a minute on Winston, but you’d have no argument, he’s not better than all three QBs that lost to the Jets.

Let’s just move on to the picks, so I don’t have to defend Winston:

Cleveland at Houston (-12): Did anyone see the way Deshaun Watson was putting the Texans on his back? Does everyone see how fast this kid is picking up the NFL? He’s something special and has all the tools to be a Super Bowl type QB for Houston. After a gutting loss to the Chiefs and losing JJ Watt, this team will be fired up to get back to .500 and the poor Browns are in for an absolute smash fest. TEXANS

New England (-9.5) at NY Jets: Two things, this line isn’t completely bonkers because the Pats can’t stop anyone lucky for them, they are playing the Jets. Next, remember we thought at the time what good offense the Jets played, and what the Raiders did to them? Sorry, the fairy tale ends here for the Jets, I think the Pats might drop 40-plus. PATRIOTS

NY Giants at Denver (-10.5): This number opened -9 at Westgate and they wasted no time moving it to -10.5. The loss at home to the winless Chargers was the shovels hitting the ground on the Giants’ season. They are fast-tracking to the No.1 overall pick. As my buddy J said, “The wrong New York team is going to get the No. 1 pick.” That might actually be the truth, the Giants still have a defense, but when Odell Beckham’s ankle snapped, I think their bend-but-don’t-break defense might have snapped as well. BRONCOS

Lions at Saints (-3.5, 51): The Saints’ road win at Carolina is looking more impressive by the week and they just might have finally found a defense. That said, I am not buying it yet. Give to me the OVER.