New elite QB's could be starting to rise in NFL

New elite QB's could be starting to rise in NFL

November 07, 2017 3:00 AM


One year ago many thought the NFL would be looking at years of inferior quarterback play. In one sense their concerns were correct, but not totally. Today, there are several newcomers to the position of QB that are doing quite well, surprisingly well actually. I will take a look at some that are doing better than expected and some that are not.

The top of the list through the first half the season, in my opinion, would be Philadelphia signal caller Carson Wentz. Clearly Wentz is playing at a level no one could have expected. This is especially so, coming out of a small college environment at North Dakota State. Next would be rookie, Deshaun Watson, who sadly saw his incredible season end last week with a torn ACL.

Jared Goff is also doing great with the LA Rams. This team has been a top point producer from the very first week. With an improved receiving corps and a rejuvenated Todd Gurley, Goff has surprised many. Tom Brady, the “old man” of this group, can’t be left off my list of top QB’s. It looks to me that Brady can easily play to his projected 45-year-old self at the high level he continues to demonstrate. Unlike others where father time is taking his toll, Brady appears to be the exception.

Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks is one of those QBs that always seems to do more with less. I’m not sure there is a worse offensive line in the game today than the Seahawks. Still, this team has the potential to be in the Super Bowl as a result of Wilson’s magic.

Drew Brees isn’t what he used to be, but he’s still a champion. He manages the game better now than ever before and is finally graced with a solid New Orleans running game and a defense that can cut down on opponents’ scoring. Since the Panthers and the Falcons have been having a hard time this year, the Saints could be the NFC South winner.

Aaron Rodgers, some will tell you, is the best in the game and it’s hard for me to argue with that assumption. Rodgers always seems to do more with less than most can do with better talent around them. Though Rodgers could be out for the season with his shoulder injury, he will likely be back and ready to go by next season.

One that has not lived up to expectations is Tampa Bay QB Jameis Winston. Perhaps it’s the lack of the right coach or less than stellar contribution from the players around him. It could also be just poor decision making and his tendency for making turnovers that has plagued him since his college days.

Atlanta QB Matt Ryan showed his skill level with a standout 2016 season. However, I have to ask if the loss of Offensive Coordinator Kyle Shanahan is the reason why we have seen a huge drop in his play this season. He has more talent around him than most QBs enjoy. I would expect the Falcons will get it back together but it might take another a change at the OC spot to help get it done.