NFL can we please just get back to the game of football

NFL can we please just get back to the game of football

November 14, 2017 3:00 AM


Let’s put the NFL protesters aside for a moment and take a look at other reasons the professional game is tanking in a self-inflicted spiral to the back of the pack.

Used to be when a game was scheduled for 1 p.m. you tuned in at 1 p.m. and there it was. No pre-game showbiz panel of has been players and coaches shouting and giggling. No pre-game country western/rock music spectacular needed to attract you. After all, you were already tuned in. No non-ending looks at vicious hits and spectacular catches were needed. The only draw was an impending football game featuring the best players on the planet.

It’s possible of course to tune out the Hollywood showbiz leadup to today’s games but we can’t escape the theatrics that blend in and continue with the antics of today’s players. 

After almost every play we’re treated to a showboating, self-absorbed player doing a dance or a shuffle because he made a play that he’s getting paid to and supposed to make.

What a treat to see a player losing by 30 points finally sack a QB then do a dance. We saw you buddy and that same QB made you look inept for most of the game.

Flag after flag is now part of the show but not on most pass plays where interference could be called. Those players on the other team who know how to find the end zone aren’t to be out “showbizzed” either. The 15 watt bulbs in the league boardrooms have encouraged end zone “celebrations” this season. Just what we need when we have no shot at covering.

Now between the beer, truck and erectile disfunction commercials come the nail biting halts to the flow of the game while someone in a far, far away place reviews the play to see if he actually did fumble or if his big toe was in or out. A referee stands and stares into a hand held monitor but he has nothing to say about the decision on the play, which we see from every angle possible.

There’s approximately 13 minutes of actual action in a game. The line between those 13 minutes and the unnecessary added nonsense is  blurred by the geniuses who have inherited the once proud NFL brand. They were handed the keys to a Rolls Royce and all they had to do was drive it without wrecking it. Take care

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