To be a winning sports bettor, many skill sets are required

Dec 26, 2017 4:04 PM

In order to be a winning sports bettor, many different skill sets are required. One of those, which I usually do not talk about because some people (especially those who are mathematically inclined) may not agree with my thought process.

A friend and I spent some time studying the psychology of happiness. It is a fascinating subject, and really is mostly perception.

Here are a few interesting quotes:

A Harvard Study has found a strong association between happiness and close relationships like spouses, family, friends, and social circles. “Personal connection creates mental and emotional stimulation, which are automatic mood boosters, while isolation is a mood buster,” says Dr. Robert Waldinger. This is also an opportunity to focus on positive relationships and let go of negative people in your life, or at least minimize your interactions with them.

Einstein believed: “A calm and modest life brings more happiness than the pursuit of success combined with constant restlessness.”

This relates to advantage sports betting in a few ways. When I first moved to Las Vegas 13 years ago, I was a frequent guest of a radio show that was broadcast from a local sportsbook. I also hung around the VIP sports section of the book, which had a cast of characters out of a Tim Burton movie.

They were no dummies though, as they knew right away the information I provided and my game selections were overall going to make them money if they followed it.

However, one guy used to come around every Sunday for an hour or two before game time and I would literally hope and pray he would not speak to me.

He was the “Debbie Downer” of the sportsbook. It was always “I can’t believe how I lost yesterday” or “these games are all fixed” and a mix of other negative thoughts and sayings. Even if he did take my advice on some selections, it could not overcome his sarcasm, hatred and fear of losing.

It was so bad I told the other guys I hated when he came around because it would bring all of us down. Eventually, a few guys complained and he was not allowed in the VIP area. I believe the remainder of that football season was one of the most successful of my career.

I know that may sound crazy! But positive energy and positive thoughts are definitely part of what makes me who I am. Just like in the Bronx Tale… we can’t allow Eddie Mush-like people in our lives.

I always go to my local sportsbook full of positive energy and thinking, “I am going to win today” and recommend you do the same.

Look at your selections, and therefore the games, with a winning attitude. Cut off anyone who will try to take you down by going opposite of you with their negative energies.

One of the greatest discoveries of time is a person can change his future by merely changing his attitude.