49ers fans have fallen in love with their new quarterback

49ers fans have fallen in love with their new quarterback

December 26, 2017 4:02 PM


Millions of people believe Jesus is the reason for the holiday season. The Bible’s Jesus of course, not San Francisco’s Jesus.

 But don’t try telling that to the 49ers’ faithful right now. The fans in northern California are quite convinced, and rightfully so, that Jimmy G. or Jimmy Jesus, as many are calling him now, is the reason for the season.

If not this season, at the very least, they believe Jimmy Garoppolo will be the reason to celebrate a possible Super Bowl next season. And, you really can’t blame the Niner fans for their exuberance. Garoppolo took over week 13 and San Francisco promptly went on a four-game winning streak. A streak kept alive last Sunday with a 44-33 statement victory over playoff bound Jacksonville. Everyone knows a team can’t go anywhere without a great QB. The 49ers now know for a fact they’re going somewhere – and fast!


Packers +7.5 at Lions: Detroit lost the respect of many backers including me last Sunday. The Lions, or pussycats rather, went into Cincinnati with playoff reality on the line and whispered a soft meow. You want to swallow a touchdown and a hook after the message the Lions sent you? I’m a sucker. But a much smaller version of the sucker who backs the Lions this week. PACKERS

Jets +16.5 at Patriots: The Patriots would be crazy to get anyone hurt in this game. I just think laying heavy double digits at this time of the year is hazardous to your health, not to mention your bankroll. JETS

Texans PK at Colts: The Colts played their butts off in Baltimore where the Ravens desperately needed a win. The Ravens got the win but it didn’t come easy. Indy continues to play hard for the one coach who most everyone says is gone at the end of the season. COLTS

Browns +16.5 at Steelers: I can’t imagine anyone in their right mind thinking the Browns have a chance in this game. You might want to be careful though since the Browns now have the number one pick in their back pocket. I don’t even like laying single digits so you can forget about 16 plus the hook. BROWNS

Skins -3.5 at Giants: This should be Kirk Cousins’ swan song. Good luck, Washington. You can try to find a QB as good as Cousins but that’s going to be one frustrating search. Maybe the 49ers will trade Jimmy G. to you so Kirk can be reunited with Shanahan. Don’t hold your breath though. Kirk wants to go out with something the home fans will remember fondly. SKINS

Bears +12.5 at Vikings: The Minnesota defense is overwhelming. The Vikes D is top 3 in just about every vital category. Trubisky should be in trouble most of the day. VIKINGS

Cowboys NL at Eagles: I really don’t want to back either team after watching their last game. I think the Eagles got coal instead of a Super Bowl ring for Christmas. St. Nick Foles is tossing footballs around like toys down a chimney. What a mess. Cowboys wrecked their playoff chances against Seattle but another week for Zeke in practice will help. COWBOYS

Bengals +9.5 at Ravens: I don’t trust the Ravens’ offense. I don’t think Baltimore fans trust that unit either. The defense is great, no argument there. But Flacco and his receiving corps? You can have them. Bengals’ players say good-bye to Marvin Lewis and I think they want a happy ending for their soon-to-be ex-boss. BENGALS

Bills -2.5 at Dolphins: Bills coach Sean McDermott may want to throw this game to the fish just so he doesn’t have to face the embarrassing questions again. With one more win, Buffalo might have made the playoffs. Hey Sean, do you regret benching Tyrod Taylor for the Nathan Peterman experiment? That question will be lingering in the back of his mind. DOLPHINS

Panthers +4 at Falcons: I don’t like the way the Falcons have responded to pressure games over the last few weeks. In fact, I have not been in love with Atlanta since they blew the 28-3 lead in the Super Bowl. Panthers seem to be peaking at the right time. PANTHERS

Saints -7.5 at Bucs: Jameis Winston lost his cool against the Panthers. Tampa Bay is frustrated. But the Bucs are still playing tough and with passion. Most importantly, they are covering spreads. BUCS

Jaguars NL at Titans: Jacksonville needs this game for confidence after getting beat up badly by the 49ers and Jimmy Jesus. I’m chalking the personal fouls up to inexperience and believe the Jags will pull together for needed momentum heading into the money games. JAGUARS

Raiders +7 at Chargers: Raiders had so many chances to upset the Eagles and blew every single one of them. The offensive line has real problems and Chargers have real incentive to win this divisional game. CHARGERS

Cards +8.5 at Seahawks: I have to hand it to both teams. Neither club is waving the white towel just yet. The Seahawks have a chance to claim a 6th seed but I don’t think the defense alone can carry them over this tall number. The Cards looked much better with Drew Stanton under center. CARDS

Chiefs +3.5 at Broncos: I understand the line here. The Chiefs have nothing to play for because they’re locked into the 4th seed. But Andy Reid is no dummy. He doesn’t want to go into the playoffs with a mail-it-in effort. CHIEFS

49ers +3.5 at Rams: Although it would be tough convincing Niner fans differently right now, Jimmy Jesus doesn’t walk on water. The 49ers are a much improved team. But the Rams have a chance to go deep in the playoffs. I can’t find a weak spot anywhere. RAMS

Last week: 3-11-1

Season: 118-109-5