Time is Put an end to end zone shot

Time is Put an end to end zone shot

December 29, 2017 9:41 AM



(EDITOR’S NOTE: This is the 15th and last throw from scrimmage in our 2017 NFL edition of the Dirty Dozen, which emphasizes the very worst in the No Fun League over the past week from a betting perspective. Next week, the NBA).

John Harbaugh had our Dirty Dozen panel rolling on the floor laughing at his rant that fans will stay away from his game in Baltimore this week because the starting time was moved up three hours. Ignorance truly is bliss.

Coach there may indeed be a bunch of empty seats but it’s less about the time and more about the style of ball you play. It’s boring.

Good thing you have Joe Cool at quarterback. Flacco throws one of the best long balls in the No Fun League, but Harbaugh has reduced him to the dink and dunk. His longest pass may be the 10-yard slant in.

No, the time change is one decision Goodell got right. And though the commish did not have this in mind, he did the Nevada books a big favor. If the times were staggered, chances are we would see a lot of potential playoff teams go into the tank if eliminated from postseason play prior to kickoff.

We would have all kinds of lines and totals that would likely be out of whack, creating numerous “middle” possibilities. Instead every team is on equal footing. Everyone is happy except Harbaugh. Hey John, concentrate more about letting Joe loose for a little downfield action. You will be surprised how fast the fans will be back.

Now for our final look at the worst 12 to wager on. Good luck to Cleveland. We want you 0-16.

12. Washington (7-8 ATS): Cousins likely playing last game in D.C.

11. Houston (7-8): Get those 2019 Super Bowl futures bets in.

10. Indianapolis (7-8): Hoping Andrew Luck is back next season.

9. Seattle (6-8-1): Russell Wilson is shorter than Maria Taylor!

8. Atlanta (6-9): Tell Freeman to stop fumbling.

7. Miami (5-8-2): The Cutler experiment failed.

6. Oakland (5-8-2): What’s going on with Derek Carr?

5. NY Giants (6-9): Free Davis Webb!

4. Arizona (5-9-1): Smoke and mirrors if they sneak into the playoffs.

3. Tampa Bay (5-9-1): The HC job is Jon Gruden’s if he wants it.

2. Denver (4-10-1): Desperate times calls for Paxton Lynch.

1. Cleveland (3-12): Playing Pittsburgh means 0-16.

Encore: The New York Jets figured to have the worst team in the NFL, and yes that includes Cleveland. Well, Gang Green is 9-5-1 against the spread. Maybe a QB was left under the Christmas tree.