Super Bowl Sunday brought out all the characters

Super Bowl Sunday brought out all the characters

January 30, 2018 3:00 AM


Let’s rattle a few memories or maybe raise questions among our younger set. What better way than by remembering nicknames of old and not so old Las Vegas characters.

Most of these nicknames have a story as to their origin. Submit your interest to me and I’ll explain if I know their background. Also feel free to add to the list.

 First, let’s start with the ever popular “Bobby:” Bobby the Beard, Bobby the Midget, Bobby Baseball, Bobby the Owl, (Bobby) Hunchy.

Continuing with: Montana Mel, Indian Joe Finesilver, The Runner, Sneakers, Stinky Jim, 101, Magic, The Machine, Fat Gerry, Fatboy, The Ant, The Little Guy, Baldy, Marty The Jew (not derogatory), One Eye Scotty, Sam The Plumber, The Computer, The Koshers, Spinner, Chicken Brown, Gorilla Man, Crying Kenny.

Then there’s The Spaniard, Mogen David, Fast Eddie, Little Nickey, The Professor, The Manson Family, The Redhead, Gino Cappaletti, Parlay Paulie, Blackie, Whitey, Pittsburgh Jack, Tiger Paul, Big Hal/Hungry Hal, Big Hank, Paul The Doorman, Jerry The Hat, RJ, RD, Lefty, “Joey Boston” Gerowtiz, The Fixer, Speedy, The Greek, Dick The Pick, The Crab, Jolly Joe, Gus The Goose and Frankie Ku Koo.

Also, The Hockeymeister, Frankie Eyelash, Jerry Shoes, Crazy Louie, Cleanface (I won’t respond).

Finally, Sarge, Treetop, The Electrician, Baseball Louie and his arch enemy Black Allen, The Polish Maverick, FM, Herbie Hoops, John “Coach” Harper, Willie The Watch, Fat Norman, Tucker The Sucker, Little Abner, The Skunk and of course Michael “Roxy” Roxborough.

Let’s not overlook the ladies who were accepted as one of the guys: Cement, Boobs, Suzy “Boobs” Wang, Ga Ga, Bonnie, Sally The Greek. There’s a few more ladies but without nicknames.

That list should keep us busy till the “Big Game,” wink, wink. The NFL doesn’t allow the real name to be used so we’ll use a nickname.

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