Time to mock the NFL mock Draft

Time to mock the NFL mock Draft

April 17, 2018 3:01 AM


As a traditionalist, I’ve never had a problem separating myself from the National Football League. Once the Super Bowl ends, I move on. I’ll pay attention to the NFL Draft, then cast the league aside until the start of the regular season.

GamingToday will have full coverage of the NFL Draft next week, but I’m getting my shots in early and then stepping out of the way.

As stated previously, mock drafts, to me, are basically things to mock. Nobody ever gets it totally right and once a team throws a wrench into the system, players start slipping down the list and you usually have total chaos. Even Mel Kiper has to take his eraser out.

There are those “guessperts” who shout out their first-round lists and call everyone idiots when a franchise selection doesn’t meet their criteria. That is what shock radio is really all about – being able to out-yell everyone else and contaminate social media even more. I’ll gladly take the quiet approach and react to what has actually happened rather than what might.

Seeing the Cowboys part with Dez Bryant is a surprise. That makes Allen Hurns, the offseason pickup from Jacksonville look like the No. 1 target for Dax Prescott. You would think the Cowboys would show more interest now in Odell Beckham, who the Giants might be willing to part with if the right offer presented itself.

As a New York fan, I would love to see either the Giants or Jets wind up with the fine Penn State running back Saquon Barkley. This kid can do it all and most importantly he’s a quality person who would be an asset in the locker room.

Who knows what Cleveland is going to do, but certainly the draft setup is there for the Browns to improve dramatically. But their war room has the track record of Syria without chemical weapons. Who could forget 2012 when they picked RB Trent Richardson and QB Branden Weeden. Now there’s a combo!

In 2014 the choice was Johnny Manziel (oy vey) and two years ago WR Corey Coleman who has spent most of his career on injured reserve. Last year the Browns took DE Myles Garrett, DB Jabril Peppers and QB DeShone Kizer. As Meat Loaf would say, “Two out of three ain’t bad.”

In my mind, no one, clear cut QB stands out. The Jets appear to be smitten with UCLA’s Josh Rosen, who sure talks a good a game and would be a hit in any synagogue in the Metropolitan area.

One so called mock draft expert believes the Browns and Giants will switch first round picks with the Giants moving to overall No. 1 and taking USC’s Sam Darnold as the heir apparent to Eli Manning, while the Browns at No. 2 take Wyoming QB Josh Allen.

This guy has the Jets staying at No. 3 and selecting Rosen, with Barkley slipping down to Indianapolis at No. 6 behind Oklahoma QB Baker Mayfield, who would be Denver’s choice at No. 5. Cleveland’s other pick at No. 4 would be NC State DE Bradley Chubb to bookend with Garrett on the frontline.

Kiper, in his ratings, has Cleveland taking Allen at No. 1 and Barkley at 4. I’m getting a headache.

All I know is if I need a DB my first look is Alabama CB Minkah Fitzpatrick, who has a nose for the football much like Troy Polamalu did with the Pittsburgh Steelers and more recently the Honey Badger Tyrann Mathieu – ex of the Arizona Cardinals and now property of the Houston Texans.

What I can say for sure is Chuck Esposito is going to host a Draft party on Thursday, April 26 at Sunset Station and VSiN will do their thing all day at South Point.

I will listen and watch just like every other fan or bettor. Then I will return to baseball, the Stanley Cup playoffs and the NBA (for the last 5 minutes).

Nothing to mock about that.

Encore: If I were an NFL general manager, I would make darn sure my draft included someone from North Dakota State, the now six-time Division 1-AA champ (I’m old school). I want winners on my NFL team, not necessarily guys who stand out in combines or analytics.