A New Yorker to Cleveland Browns: Stay stupid

Apr 26, 2018 9:46 AM

It will be fun to spend some time in Vegas taverns sporting the colors and uniforms of the Cleveland Browns and New York Giants. Count this New Yorker among the interested parties as the NFL Draft finally begins tonight at 5 p.m. PT at the Jerry Dome outside Dallas.

The Browns are famous for horrible picks so it would be reasonable to assume they will blow it again. Hard to believe when you consider they own the first and fourth picks in the draft. All signs point to Cleveland taking a QB first. Fine with me since the Giants are up second and should pounce on Penn State running back Sequon Barkley.

Conventional wisdom, something Cleveland hasn’t shown since the Bernie Kosar days, would be to take Barkley and then pick of QB from what’s left – likely between Josh Rosen, Sam Darnell, Baker Mayfield and Josh Allen. Then there’s the Lamar Jackson factor. He could go anywhere in this draft.

The only times the Browns have been relative in the NFL in the past 50 years was when they had a quality running back. Jim Brown, Leroy Kelly, Earnest Byner. We can’t count by past 3 and the last one was over a generation ago. So when Barkley is right there at the taking, you do it especially when you only have to wait two picks for another choice. So you can get your QB then. If the Browns take a QB first, you can pretty much forget about Barkley being around at 4.

The Jets pick third and will watch how the first two selections go down and likely take a QB since they traded up to the 3 spot. It wouldn’t be a surprise to see someone drop in stock and cause chaos through the rest of the first round.

If you like attending draft parties there will be a large one at Club Madrid inside Sunset Station and a four-hour draft fest at South Point courtesy of VSiN radio. All the Vegas books do a great job with the draft so sit back, have a cold one, and get ready for playing of feedback.

And if you can break way from TV coverage, the Golden Knights host San Jose in Game 1 of the second round of the Stanley Cup playoffs. We can’t wait.